Sympathy for the Devil

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Reviewed on 06/05/2017
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Reviewed by Francine Zane for Readers' Favorite

Not surprisingly, Sympathy for the Devil by AJ Aaron is the story of John, better known as the devil. John is bored with life and goes to great lengths to relieve his boredom. It wouldn’t be a story if everything went according to plan, and that is where the fun starts. Fortunately, he has his White Lighter friends, Pierce and Calla, to lean on for moral support and guidance, even as he tries to drag them down to his level of crazy.

From beginning to end, Sympathy for the Devil is filled with playful dialogue and fun twists. The narrator, Will Tulin, is a true professional. His tone is consistent. His pacing is perfect for both the spirit of the story and the enjoyment of the listener. The production quality is clear with no annoying special effects to take away from the story.

While stories about the devil have been around for ages, Aaron has added his own special brand of humor and updated themes to be relatable to modern generations. For example, John's decision to use video games as a means of filling up hell with lost souls will resonate with anyone who has walked around a park and seen more people looking at their phones than at the world around them.

Sympathy for the Devil is not Christian fiction. Some of the plot points are adult in nature and may offend the more strait-laced reader, even though they are not particularly graphic in nature. Fortunately, these sparse vulgarities work well given the characters' personalities and add a bit of immature humor to what has often been treated as a very somber topic.