The Day Cancer Died

The Day Cancer Died

Myles' Dream

Christian - Fiction
29 Pages
Reviewed on 04/12/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Benjamin Ookami for Readers' Favorite

Dr. Darnell Huntley has wonderfully personified that incurable thing that continuously takes so many of peoples' loved ones away from them in The Day Cancer Died: Myles' Dream, a Christian short story that takes the reader more or less twenty minutes out of their reading time. The plot centers around Myles, who has lost two grandparents to cancer. He sends up a prayer, one that did touch a sensitive part of me as I too had lost a dear one to cancer, to God in which he expresses his wishes for cancer to die and for there to be a cure. On the night of the prayer, Myles has a dream and in this dream I got to see Cancer, personified, brought to trial for all his misdeeds against humanity.

The premise of this short story itself was too interesting for me to ignore. Here was a book in which Cancer, like any no-good criminal, was staring in the face of justice. The court case that Myles dreams about, with witnesses, a defense attorney, a prosecutor, jury members and of course, the judge, was absolutely realistic. In Myles' dream, Kathleen is called as a witness to testify against Cancer. Characters like Kathleen, a mother of a girl who died of cancer, and Cancer himself had some backstories that helped to add more layers to this story. I still find myself wanting to read over Myles' initial prayer; I believe anyone in Myles' situation can relate to his words. Dr. Darnell Huntley has written something thought-provoking, crisp and comforting.