The Druid's Cup

Fiction - Mystery - General
295 Pages
Reviewed on 11/26/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers' Favorite

“There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet.” – W.B. Yeats. The Druid’s Cup is a mystery by Janet Maile. Esther, who has amnesia, starts communicating with Estrila, a woman from medieval times. Estrila needs help to find a treasure, but Esther’s officious caregiver monitors her activities, making her suspicious. She wants to know why she is being watched and hopes the flashbacks or dreams she often gets will help her to regain her memory. Private investigator Jonathan Whicher is hired by Rolf to locate his missing girlfriend, Angela Connors. He begins to have doubts about his client as he investigates leads, but doesn’t know how dangerous this assignment can be.

The Druid’s Cup is a suspenseful, engaging mystery that held my curiosity. Its lovely, poignant allure that came mostly from the medieval scenes and enlightening Druid happenings were touching to me. The entire story is fascinating and the characters are well developed. I could feel Esther’s frustration and confusion arising from her memory loss, and wondered about my reactions if placed in a similar situation. Janet Maile’s writing reflects her love of the pastoral countryside with its laid-back atmosphere and the warm hospitality of its folks. She has piqued my interest to learn more about Druids. I also want to go to the exciting medieval festivals and historic sites mentioned in the story. The above-mentioned quote by W.B. Yeats is Druid. The cover illustration is nicely done and perfect for the book. The Druid’s Cup is worth reading.