The First Human Paragon

Young Adult - Sci-Fi
42 Pages
Reviewed on 08/31/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Bruce Arrington for Readers' Favorite

The First Human Paragon by Victor Mojica is a science fiction graphic novel made up of three short stories. While the stories themselves are not sequential, they still carry the theme of mankind’s ability to survive independently of others. The first story is about Invictus, who starts a fight with the robotic creatures simply on the grounds that he feels humans have outgrown them and no longer need their help to police mankind. The second story centers around an android that somehow lost control of its ability to help people and chooses instead to hurt them. The third short story is about a man and a woman who crash land on a planet, only to find a strange being that humankind met at the very beginning of their existence.

All told, I found these stories compelling and the artwork very good. The first story lacked logic for me (why would he pick a fight like that to prove a point?), but the second and third stories were better thought out. All three are action-oriented and maintain a rapid pace. The author, Victor Mojica, is both artist and storyteller, which is not always a successful combination. But in this case he does a fine job with this work, and the three short stories are clearly presented in a heroic, science fiction style. The First Human Paragon is a definite hook for me, and if I find more of this work elsewhere, I will be sorely tempted to pick it up and read it from cover to cover.