The Identity Thief

A Hollis Morgan Mystery

Fiction - Mystery - Sleuth
256 Pages
Reviewed on 12/03/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

The Identity Thief: A Hollis Morgan Mystery is a sleuth mystery novel written by R. Franklin James. While this is not the first book in this series, the author provides enough background information for it to be read as a standalone novel. Hollis’s supervising partner, Gordon Barrett, wants her to branch out into criminal law. While Hollis enjoys her work as a probate attorney, she does understand, based on the investigative skills she exhibited in her prior cases, how he might feel that way.

Her first criminal case involves Justin Eastland, a young man who was arrested for possession of stolen IDs, which he claims he found in a gym bag that had been tucked under some bushes. Hollis, a gifted liar herself, has a finely tuned instinct for lying, and she knows there's more to the story. When the District Attorney decides to charge him with the murder of Marguerite Fields and to ask for the death penalty, Hollis knows she's out of her depth and is happy to have Gordon take the lead. But Hollis is also grappling with a decidedly different probate case, which was referred to her by a friend and former colleague. Lindsay Mercer is in the Witness Protection Program and she has an unusual request.

R. Franklin James’s sleuth mystery novel, The Identity Thief: A Hollis Morgan Mystery, is an action-packed and exciting tale that blends the legal thriller and murder mystery genres. James’s characters are authentic and well-defined, and her plot is original and compelling. I haven’t read any of the preceding books in this series, but had no problem getting involved in the story and appreciating Hollis’s background as well as the importance of the Fallen Angels Book Club to her and to the story itself. I’m planning on working through the rest of the books in this series in order. The Identity Thief: A Hollis Morgan Mystery is most highly recommended.