The Knight on Armoured Steed

The Silent Assassin #4

Fiction - Science Fiction
426 Pages
Reviewed on 07/20/2017
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Author Biography

An enthusiastic storywriter since childhood, Adrian P. has drawn tons of storyboards and comics throughout his school years. He used to believe in kindness that prevails all, happy endings, and good's triumphs over evil. No more. During his university years he fell in love with dark stories. Fall of heroes. Worlds where flowers aren't stronger than guns. That was when he decided to be serious about writing, and began his first series: The Silent Assassin.

His influences include: The Japanese George R.R Martin: Gen Urobuchi, The Great Nihilist: Friedrich Nietzsche, and the father of Realpolitik: Niccoló Machiavelli.

When he's not busy spreading despair and agony in his novel's universe, Adrian P. spends his time learning new languages, exercising, and smiling bright at the beautiful world.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite

Adrian P.’s The Knight on Armoured Steed is book four in The Silent Assassin series, a book that is set in the future, featuring very compelling characters and a sophisticated plot line. Meet two powerful warriors, Audi Prabian and Jane Drake, poised to take down a formidable adversary. The war between the Crowned Confederacy of Mankind’s Army and the Gleicherde has had devastating results for the Crowned Confederacy, costing them the lives of hundreds of thousands of soldiers, thanks to the ruse and the superior leadership of Marten Gunther Vogel. Can Audi Prabian and Jane Drake help the Crowned Confederacy to destroy Marten Gunther Vogel, or could they be in for another nasty surprise?

This is an action packed sci-fi novel with interesting themes — advanced colonialism, political intrigue, and the art of war, love and romance — masterfully integrated into the plot. Adrian P. combines great prose with insightful writing to create a story that is as exciting as it is delightful. The characters are rock-solid, well-crafted with enough background to get the reader interested in them. I enjoyed the conflict and how it is developed, from the psychological tensions the characters experience to the physical combat that punctuates the entire narrative; the reader is carried along on a whirlwind and thrust into a setting that is exciting to explore. This is one of the books I read straight throughout the night and whose characters follow me as I go about the different activities of my day. The Knight on Armoured Steed is so gripping that the characters will stick with readers for a while.

Ruffina Oserio

The Knight on Armoured Steed is the fourth book in The Silent Assassin series by Adrian P., a thriller plus sci-fi that features a galactic conflict and a phenomenal war between two powerful armies. It is the twenty-eighth century and the Crowned Confederacy of Mankind is at war with the Gleicherde. The Crowned Confederacy’s successes are countered by a devastating assault masterminded by the skilled and ruthless Field Marshal Marten Gunther Vogel, an assault that takes the lives of two hundred thousand Crowned Confederacy soldiers in a matter of hours. Now, Audi Prabian and Jane Drake must overcome their differences and embark on a deadly mission to help the Crowned Confederacy army kill Marten Gunther Vogel in exchange for their support in breaking through his fortress. Can they survive this dangerous mission?

Adrian P. is a master storyteller and readers will most certainly be enticed by the universe he creates. The setting, though in the distant future, is perfectly imagined and translates to the reader’s mind through vivid descriptions. One of the things I loved about this story is the balance between the different elements of the storytelling craft. The characters are compelling and, even though I haven’t read the previous books, the occasional backstory and the development made me fall for them. The Knight on Armoured Steed is beautifully written and the pacing is just as swift as the intensity of the action taking place in the story. The romance element of the story creates a beautiful sense of suspense, making the reader keen to learn what becomes of the interesting characters. This is an entertaining and enjoyable read.