The Korpes File

The 942 Series Book 1

Fiction - Science Fiction
340 Pages
Reviewed on 08/16/2017
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Author Biography

About The Series:
The core concept for The 942 Series came to me when I was in high school, back in the 80s, and took place on a planet called Tamyrh. The idea has shifted from being purely science fiction, to space opera, and finally to dystopian/science fiction.

Four years ago, I was working as a concept artist for a couple of game design studios, and was put in charge of world development for one of the projects. That project is on stand-by, and the concepts were released back to me. Some short stories came out of that experience, and the encouragement I received was what prompted me to continue with them. I decided to link them to my world of Tamyrh, and that’s when the Muse struck. Hence, The 942 Series was born.

When development on the game picks up again, the series will find its way into the mythos.

Book one introduces you to all of the key players in the series, and sets up books two and three. Books four through nine+ will expand on what you know, and slowly reveal the truth behind it all.

I have short blurbs about each book, in the Current Projects – The 942 Series section on my website.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite

I really enjoyed The Korpes File by J.I. Rogers. I just like a book where a likable outcast takes on a tired socioeconomic system and I have to say, for me, a guy like Tech Nash X. Korpes is as likable a character as they come. He is an outcast and a genetic throwback, but he is a likable outcast, and a talented throwback. He is the guy you want on your team in any situation where winning is important. I can only speak for myself. I’m sure a lot of readers may not like Nash so much, but for me, I liked him from the start, maybe because his boss liked him; I don’t know. What I do know is that as the plot thickened and each choice became even more important, I liked Tech Nash that much more. A character you can empathize with and care about is important in any genre, and I cared about Tech Nash X. Korpes.

All the characters in The Korpes File are written well, whether you like that particular character or not. J.I. Rogers is a skilled writer and I can tell that he has taken the time to hone his craft to perfection. I’m guessing he has a good team backing him up. The plot is tight and very well thought out. As for the setting, you jump into it before you even read page one. There is a map that helps you to imagine this place with ease. The futuristic and gritty setting is a strong pillar of The Korpes File. I thought every aspect of the story was strong, which is why I will be looking for the sequel.