The Last Real Immigrant

Non-Fiction - Memoir
238 Pages
Reviewed on 07/22/2023
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Author Biography

Joe Galliani's life has been a captivating journey spanning three continents; from Libya to Italy, and finally to America. His remarkable travels and tales paint a vivid picture of a life well-lived.

Equipped with a dual degree in computer science and nuclear medicine technology, Galliani's insatiable thirst for knowledge and professional growth led him to establish his own IT service company, where he has been the driving force for over three decades. But Joe's story doesn't end with his successful career. He takes immense pride in being a devoted father to two grown children and currently calls South Florida his home.

While Joe is no stranger to the digital realm, he's also a man of diverse passions. When he's not immersed behind a computer screen, you'll likely find him strolling along sandy shores, tending to his lush garden, engaging in local politics, savoring the magic of live musical performances, hosting exquisite dinner parties for cherished friends, or cherishing moments with his beloved Siamese-Persian feline companion, Bella.

Joe Galliani stepped into the literary world with his debut book, "The Last Real Immigrant." Seamlessly blending captivating storytelling with profound insights and personal Italian immigration stories, this book transports readers on a compelling journey through his family's Italy-to-America immigration experience. Prepare to be inspired by this personal memoir of immigration and liberty as Joe shares the triumphs, challenges, and enduring spirit that have shaped his life.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Frank Mutuma for Readers' Favorite

The Last Real Immigrant by Joseph Galliani gives a detailed account of the Galliani family spanning three continents. Giorgio Joseph's father was brought up in Libya, which was, at the time, an Italian colony. He had not attended high school but was an excellent mechanic. His skills proved of great importance working at the American airforce base and later in Italy at Rodriquez shipbuilding enterprise. Vincenzo Joseph's maternal grandfather had moved from Italy to America and then to Libya. After staying in Italy for some time, Giorgio decides to apply to move his family to the USA despite Rosa, his wife, not being comfortable moving again. To find out the experiences of the Galliani family across the three continents, get a copy of this book.

Memoirs can be tedious but not The Last Real Immigrant by Joseph Galliani. The narration and the steady pace kept me not only intrigued but also entertained. The vivid descriptions of events and places capture the reader's imagination. Joseph also discusses vital issues affecting society, like the issue of unfettered immigration and open borders and the impacts of military intervention in places like Libya and the Middle East, where they have different cultures and beliefs. I loved the thoughts expressed by the author on the importance of hard work and meritocracy. The language is easy to understand, and it is also important to note and applaud this author's approach in providing fine details. It indicates the book was well-researched. I would love to read something else by this talented author.

Annmarie DiGiovanni

When reading the book “The Last Real Immigrant” by Joseph Galliani, it gave me a synopsis of him and his family’s life spanning three continents. From Libya to Italy and off to America.
The vivid description of event and places they visited will keep you intrigued and capture your imagination. So you won’t want to put the book down. It teaches you that hard work and persistence will help you achieve all your goals in life!! Get you own copy today. Don’t hesitate you will be glad you did. I commend Mr Galliani for a job well done!


Joseph Galliani has written a wonderful book that is impossible to put down! The imagery that he uses to describe the acres of fruit trees in Tripoli (he compares to Napa Valley here in the U.S.), to his voyage on the Olympia to the United States leaves the reader feeling like they are right there living each experience with the Galliani family. Don't even get me started on the ship approaching the Statue of Liberty - it's so moving it brought me to tears! I feel like I'm part of the family after reading this book! If you are looking for a nostalgic escape from the harsh realities of modern life, this book is a must read.

Julie Ischia

I really enjoyed reading The Last Real Immigrant. More stories about immigrating should be told. Joe tells his story in a natural way. It was like having a cup of coffee with him. My parents and grandparents came here and friends and family were here to sponsor them. Took the weight off of our Government and was a safer way for all of us. It’s a good read. You’ll enjoy it!!!