The Man Who Feels Like Home

Romance - General
198 Pages
Reviewed on 04/28/2023
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Emma Megan for Readers' Favorite

When things get hard, we try to find refuge in many things, yet the best source of comfort can be our own home where our loved one is. All of us deserve to be valued and feel at home in our relationships. Allie, the protagonist, says that entering a new relationship is pretty much like moving into a new house. In her journey to find the right one, Allie learns that not every relationship is meant to be like a home. The Man Who Feels Like Home by Roxana M. Rotaru includes stories about how some people like Allie have found the homes they've long been searching for. It's an amazing book that reminds us that the person we are with should be our escape, our cherished getaway from the world around us.

The Man Who Feels Like Home is not only a book about finding the one that makes you feel at home. It's also a delightful story about self-discovery, finding emotional stability, and becoming a TikTok sensation. It contains great stories that are well-written with diverse characters that experience love, heartbreak, failure, the fear of being left, and the courage to give love another chance. This book is a fascinating read because it shows how relationships either evolve or dissolve. Roxana M. Rotaru has found a brilliant way to explore different types of relationships. She connects the reader through amazing metaphors, anecdotes, and relatable relationship dramas. I would recommend this book to fans of romance stories everywhere.