The Nocturnal Devil

The Griffin Knight Series Book 3

Fiction - Short Story/Novela
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 08/19/2023
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Author Biography

Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr. is an award-winning published author who specializes in murder and mystery novellas. However, he loves to keep things fresh and interesting by dabbling in suspense, humor, horror, action, and even Sci-Fi.

His bestselling series, Griffin Knight, centers around the adventures of renowned New York City detective Griffin Knight, a lone wolf who has a penchant for dangerous situations — even those beyond his jurisdiction.

As a writer, Hernandez aims to please. That is why, as one of his favorite pastimes, he scours the internet for reviews on his books so he can spin stories that truly resonate with his readers.

His influence goes beyond literature and taps into the world of TV, with favorites such as Perry Mason, Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Jack Reacher, Dirty Harry, Paul Kersey, and Ace Attorney.

Hernandez earned his bachelor's degree from the University at Buffalo and likes to go to church with family, watch anime, and work out during his downtime.

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In my head I could visualize the killer. I wanted to create a new psychopath and at the same time create a "real-life" monster. You'll see what I mean when you immerse yourself in Griffin Knight's world.

    Book Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

The Nocturnal Devil is a work of fiction in the mystery, drama, and suspense subgenres, and it forms the third novel of The Griffin Knight Series of mystery tales. The work is best suited to the general adult reading audience and was penned by author Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr. The novel sees us join our central detective hero Griffin in the aftermath of the events of A Colossal Injustice. Haunted by visions of Seattle, Griffin’s recuperation time is cut short when two women go missing in New York City. On their trail and exploring a myriad of sinister possibilities, Griffin must figure out what’s happening before any more victims are added to the case.

Author Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr. has crafted a very engaging central figure in Detective Griffin Knight, and the crime-solving aspects of this novel were so keenly woven into his psyche and sensibilities, such that we see the world through his eyes and notice details we may not otherwise have picked up on. This gives the novel a strong viewpoint and an emotional impetus as we root for Griffin both in the case itself and in his development and reconciliation of relationships that are still haunting him from his previous adventures. The self-contained plot of The Nocturnal Devil makes it an absolutely stellar standalone mystery with plenty of complex themes that question the nature of power and its corrupting influence. But I’d also highly recommend the whole series in general to mystery fans who want to explore more from this charismatic and highly capable hero.