The Strength of Silk

Living a Life of Grace & Gratitude

Non-Fiction - Short Story/Novela
146 Pages
Reviewed on 05/13/2022
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Author Biography

As Lakysha navigated her professional and personal life, the hard work and determination didn’t come easy. Lakysha was born & raised in Brooklyn, NY in her neighborhood of Bed Stuy Do or Die! As people always say, “if you can make it in NY, you can make it anywhere.” Within the pages of this book you will read how her New York roots prepare her for the grit and perseverance needed to go about life with all of its ups and downs.

Lakysha is foster care alumna and adopted daughter of her amazing parents (now deceased) who instilled in her the importance of never giving up, helping those in need and being grateful for what you have. Read her story of that fateful day in 2018, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and learn about her journey through chemo, radiation and a few health scares along the way.

Through it all, Lakysha lives a life full of positive energy, a hopeful outlook on life and unbelievable displays of vulnerability as she shares her story with others.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Manik Chaturmutha for Readers' Favorite

The Strength of Silk by Lakysha Laing is a non-fiction story filled with the author's struggles in her life. First, she had to go into foster care and deal with the grief of losing her twin sister. Then, she struggled as a black woman in a male-dominated workplace to make her career. There is a mention of her struggles with cancer as well. The author shows us how trauma and challenging situations can make one grow and become stronger. This book is about her struggle to not let the way her life started and what people said get in her way. This is a story of friendships and family and how the support from both can help you in your time of need.

Some of The Strength of Silk was hard to read as it contained raw suffering and the experience Lakysha Laing went through. However, to see how the trauma shaped her was so satisfying and awe-inspiring. How the author went through her life journey was emotional, shocking, and very well executed. What I liked the most was that the chapters ended with a heart-touching quote. I really liked how she never shied away from telling the hard parts. In the last few chapters, the author showed us that when she was getting chemotherapy and was so tired that she couldn't talk to anyone, she started writing a journal to inform her loved ones; it was so hard and emotional to read. There was an authentic depiction of tiredness and not wanting to get out of bed.

The Strength of Silk is for you if you are looking for a book that shows a person's story, no matter how hard or how happy the times are. This book will be an inspiration and a model of strength for many people going through the same things in their life. If you are a non-fiction reader and like to read autobiographies, this book is for you.

Pikasho Deka

The Strength of Silk is the story of Lakysha Laing, who overcame a difficult childhood and its subsequent trauma to chase her dreams and lead a fulfilling life. Abandoned by her birth mother with addiction problems, Lakysha and her brother grew up in a foster home, struggling to fit in. Between the ages of 12-16, Lakysha ran away from home ten times, only to find her way back after being almost starved and sick in the streets. At the age of nineteen, she suffered another tragedy when her adoptive mother passed away. But as ever, Lakysha continued to put on a brave front in front of adversity and worked her way through her troubles. She made a name for herself in a male-dominated industry and distinguished herself as a black woman in tech.

The Strength of Silk is a story that showcases the resilient spirit of humans who overcome overwhelming odds to pursue their dreams. Author Lakysha Laing provides an unflinching glimpse into her life, how she never lost her faith and belief in the face of hardship, and took control of her own destiny to make something of her life. In this memoir, she speaks of her relationships with her close friends and family, who supported her all the way through. She reunited with her long-lost sister decades after being estranged due to unfortunate circumstances. Lakysha's story is truly inspiring, and it perfectly demonstrates the power of resilience, perseverance, and faith. If you love to read motivational memoirs, The Strength of Silk is just the book for you.

Essien Asian

Lakysha Laing had to deal with multiple tragedies at a very early age. Still, despite losing her twin sister to careless parenting techniques and her mother abandoning her and her other surviving siblings to the faceless foster care system, a part of her always believed things would turn around for the better eventually. Unfortunately, that did not happen quite as she expected. Instead of smiles and happiness, she had to endure the agony of combating cancer. Yet, Lakysha held on tightly to her faith. With the prayers and assistance of key individuals within her family and workplace, she eventually beat an ailment that had claimed so many before her. The Strength Of Silk is her survival story.

Lakysha Laing is brutally honest as she draws us into her world to get a glimpse of the difficulties she had to experience both as a child and much later in her battles with cancer, but what is particularly telling about The Strength Of Silk has to be the upbeat tone she maintains throughout the book, even in her darkest hours. She is quite detailed about her surgical procedures and is brave enough to question some of them in a manner that shows her evolving psychological development. I was a bit divided on her use of hashtags, but it gave the book a unique look. This is a thought-provoking memoir that we all can learn from regarding the importance of family.

Maria Victoria Beltran

The Strength of Silk: Living a Life of Grace and Gratitude is an uplifting autobiography by Lakysha Laing. Born to a mother who was addicted to drugs, Lakysha has no contact with her biological father. As a young girl, her mother left her and her brother and sister in the care of strangers. She later learned that she also had a twin sister and a brother who were also left with yet another stranger her mother met at the supermarket. Placed in foster care, Lakysha and her brother managed to stay together while their sister and other siblings were separated from them. They were raised by an elderly couple in Brooklyn, New York with three other adopted boys in a low-income housing apartment. What follows is a heart-wrenching life journey of a young girl whose childhood trauma turned her into a woman that is as strong as silk.

Lakysha Laing’s The Strength of Silk is an inspiring book about a woman who triumphed over her childhood trauma and other life adversities. With unwavering faith and resilience, Lakysha demonstrates that it is possible to free yourself from the trauma of your past and lead a meaningful life. Told from a first-person point of view, the author takes her readers on an intimate journey that shows us how no matter what life throws our way, we have the inner resources to overcome and succeed. Like silk that’s put to the test by the elements, she deals with difficult circumstances and stands strong without breaking, aided by her complete faith in God. This book is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the strength of faith and should serve as an inspiration to everyone. Highly recommended.

Joanne Ang

The Strength of Silk: Living a Life of Grace and Gratitude is a memoir by Lakysha Laing. As a child, she went through more than what most adults would have experienced in a lifetime, after being abandoned by her birth mother, the death of her twin sister, and the constant bullying in school. How can one possibly move on from such trauma? Lakysha’s life didn’t get easier when she reached adulthood. When the doctor diagnosed her with breast cancer, it was as if the light at the end of the tunnel dimmed to nothingness. Despite many hurdles preventing her from living life to the fullest, she was determined to hold on to hope. This autobiography reveals the author’s deepest thoughts, her struggles, and her strong will to live.

The Strength of Silk by Lakysha Laing is a brilliantly written memoir, bare and bold, providing the unfiltered truth regarding Lakysha’s life. This short account is about overcoming grief, getting back onto one’s feet and finally taking charge of life even though it sometimes tends to get out of control. This shows the true meaning of perseverance and strength. I liked the way that the author used silk as a metaphor for strength, showing that no matter how difficult surviving reality can be, the end product is strong and beautiful. I also appreciated that this work shows the impact of Lakysha’s past, how she copes with her struggles, and how she moves on. As the saying goes, ‘Diamonds are made under pressure.’