The World's Largest Yard Sale (is murder)

The World's Largest Yard Sale (is murder)

Leslie & Belinda Mysteries Volume 4

Fiction - Military
278 Pages
Reviewed on 10/20/2017
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Reviewed by Liz Konkel for Readers' Favorite

The World's Largest Yard Sale (is murder) by Linda S. Browning is the fourth book in the Leslie & Belinda Mystery series. When Leslie and Belinda's friend, Mrs Towers, discovers that she's paid for another Mrs Towers' surgery, they go to confront the woman and her husband, Ralph, only to stumble into another mystery when Leslie finds a dead body in the couple's shed. The body turns out to be Ralph's cousin Frances, who had winning quilts at the Highway 127 yard sale. Leslie feels a sense of responsibility to find justice for Frances's murder. Dragging Belinda into another murder mystery, Leslie puts together a list of suspects and dives into the inner workings of the 127 yard sale. Is it possible the killer is closer than they think?

Leslie is a breath of fresh air and is a delightful sleuth with a slightly reclusive yet gossipy nature, and a dedicated drive to solve murders. Leslie is incredibly likable, making every moment spent with her a blast. Leslie and Belinda are a hilarious sleuthing duo, delightful with their bickering and investigative schemes. Mrs. Towers is the sugar on top as she tags along with them to nose around the yard sale. They have a fun chemistry and are so charming and likable that it's easy to be pulled along into the mystery with them. The close knit neighborhood is a realistic and fairly cheery place with gossiping and grudges, neighborly gestures and goodwill. It's a quirky place that is the perfect home for the characters. Linda S. Browning has a sharp wit and a sassy humor, bringing a fun spark to the cozy mystery genre. The World's Largest Yard Sale (is murder) is a rousing good time with an up beat adventure, a gossiping neighborhood, and an exciting mystery that you won't want to put down.