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The Three Prankster Mice

By John Dorey

The Three Prankster Mice by John Dorey is a fun children's book about three young mice named Dan, Fran, and Stan. The three mice live on Mr. McDonald's farm, and enjoy pranking the other animals. Every animal has suffered from a prank at least once....

Prince Dustin and Clara

Deep in the Black Forest
By Daniel Lee Nicholson

Daniel Lee Nicholson's Prince Dustin and Clara is a unique spin-off on the well-loved tale of the Nutcracker Prince, one that will take you into an epic adventure of friendship and bravery. It will appeal to children, teens, and adults who are young at...

The Orphan Princess

By Jennifer A. Doss

The opposing forces of good and evil appear in many forms, many places, and in many different worlds. The battle between good and evil is not unique to our world, nor is it unique to our time and place. It is an ongoing battle. Never...

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Animals Can Sing

A Forest Animals Adventure and Children's Picture Book
By M.O. Lufkin

Animals Can Sing is an illustrated children’s book, written in rhyme by M.O. Lufkin and illustrated by Saptarshi Nandy. With full sheet music and lyrics provided, Animals Can Sing can either be a sing-a-long tale (by those who are musically inclined) or simply be read...

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Beau Bear

The Fible of the Great Red Forest
By M.R. Everette

Beau Bear: The Fible of the Great Red Forest is an action and adventure storybook for children, grades k-3, written by M.R. Everette. On the Title Page, the author explains that a fible is “a story with an untruth.” Armed with that knowledge, the reader...

The Dusenbury Curse

Crime Cats, Volume 2
By Wolfgang Parker

The Dusenbury Curse is the second adventure book in the Crime Cats series, written and illustrated by Wolfgang Parker. Eight-year-old Jonas Shurmann has a special gift: he can converse with cats. As Orville Dusenbury agrees to board two superheroes, CatBob and Neil Higgins, at the...

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Through the Rug

Tenth Anniversary Edition
By Jill Ammon Vanderwood

There’s nothing more special than spending time alone with a grandmother. You can do different things with Grandma, things that perhaps your parents wouldn’t dream of doing or just don’t have the time. Alyssa loves spending time with her Grandma. She loves doing things with...

The Rebecca Pendragon Trilogy

Magic Is All Around Us
By Gary Green

Magic is All Around Us by Gary Green is the first book of The Rebecca Pendragon Trilogy. The main character is a young girl named Rebecca, who lost her father when she was young and just lost her mother in a car accident. Now an...

Cheeky Charlie

Bugs and Bananas - My Crazy Brother Book 2
By Mat Waugh

Cheeky Charlie: Bugs and Bananas (My Crazy Brother Book 2) by Matt Waugh is a humorous collection of stories revolving around Charlie, who is barely three, and his sister, Harriet. Charlie smells weird and different every day and on his worst days he stinks like...

Fuzzy and Romeo Adventures

The Mysterious Intruder
By Dawn Marie Carlson

The Mysterious Intruder is a Fuzzy and Romeo Adventures book, written and illustrated for children by Dawn Marie Carlson. After hearing an intruder at their Grammy’s back door, Fuzzy (a seven-year-old Shih Tzu) and Romeo (an American Eskimo Dog) take up pursuit, leading them...

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