Kobee Manatee

A Wild Weather Adventure
By Robert Scott Thayer

In Kobee Manatee: A Wild Weather Adventure by Robert Scott Thayer, Kobee and his pals are anticipating a rough journey on the Atlantic Ocean as they plan to surprise Kobee Manatee's sister Kim for her birthday. Kim lives in the Bahamas and their journey is...

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Kiwi in the Realm of Ra

Kiwi series Book 5
By Vickie Johnstone

In Kiwi in the Realm of Ra by Vickie Johnstone, when Whiskers makes a time machine, Kiwi is reluctant to let Amy and James take a trip with him. Even if it is a special trip to Ancient Egypt for Amy’s birthday. She relents when...

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Keaghan in the Tales of Dreamside

The Dreamside Omnibus - Books 1-5
By J. Daniel Batt

Who said that a home is composed of four walls and a roof? Those who have never ventured past the three dream corners that are within each of our homes, leading to the Dreamside where adventures begin and dreams morph into reality. A seemingly normal...

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