Children - Adventure

J.P.P. McLeggins & the Buggin' Out World

By M.J.K (Matthew Jefferies Kozak)

J.P.P. McLeggins & the Buggin' Out World by Matthew Jefferies Kozak is an interesting tale that takes the reader into the Bug World, following the life and adventures of a simple spider girl called J.P.P. McLeggins. Working part time at the Spiderware store — a...

Jaspa's Journey 2

The Pride of London
By Rich Meyrick

The Pride of London by Rich Meyrick is book two in the Jaspa's Journey series, a rollicking story that features characters that young readers will adore. Watch Jaspa and his friends on a one-of-kind journey that explores London in an attempt to solve the riddles...

Joyful Trouble

Based on the True Story of a Dog Enlisted in the Royal Navy
By Patricia Furstenberg

It is Parade Day, a very special day to remember a very special Royal Navy South Atlantic Ordinary Seaman. The parade was in honor and in memory of Joyful Trouble, a kind dog and an Ordinary Seaman, a Great Dane with a purpose. Ana and...

Jaspa's Journey

The Great Migration
By Rich Meyrick

Jaspa’s Journey: The Great Migration by Rich Meyrick is full of thrills and adventure and revolves around Jaspa the Giraffeses, who is a small version of the original giraffe. Set against the backdrop of Africa’s Serengeti Plain where there is amazing wildlife, the story chronicles...

Jennie Fowler Nighttime Prowler

By Lisa Pomfrey-Talbot

Jennie Fowler Nighttime Prowler by Lisa Pomfrey-Talbot is a delightful children's book about a young girl named Jennie. Jennie is just an ordinary girl who wants to go to camp, except she sleepwalks. She has had many sleepwalking incidents, including one where she dumped a...

Janetta and the Book Thief

The Book Fairy Series 1
By B.S. Gibbs

Janetta and the Book Thief by B.S. Gibbs is a stunning children's book that follows a young girl named Janetta. Janetta always has her nose in a book, but one day she discovers that the last chapter of all her books have disappeared. A book...

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Jack Ferrington and the School for Swabbies

By Clint Perry

Jack Ferrington and the School For Swabbies by Clint Perry is the place to go if you want to learn to be a pirate. Jack has had his fill of elementary school and is ready to move on to Moray Middle, a Pirate School....

Jesper Jinx and the Mouse Mayhem

Jesper Jinx series, Volume 7
By Marko Kitti

Jesper Jinx and the Mouse Mayhem is the seventh book in the hilarious Jesper Jinx series, written and illustrated by Marko Kitti. Eleven-year-old Jesper Jinx of Puffington Hill seems to have bad luck follow him at every turn. A simple act of taking his two...

Jay-Jay and his Island Adventure

By Sue Wickstead

Jay-Jay and his Island Adventure is a children’s book written by Sue Wickstead and illustrated by Jon Mitchell. Jay-Jay is a double-decker, Supersonic Playbus, which travels from town to town and is greeted by many excited children, each of whom cannot wait to play with...

Jorie and the Gold Key

By A. H. Richardson

Jorie and the Gold Key by A.H. Richardson is the sequel to Jorie and the Magic Stones; the book would appeal most to children and young adults that enjoy fantasy books and who have read and enjoyed Jorie and the Magic Stones. The setting of...

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