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Gnorton's Easter Adventure

By Meri-le Collum

Gnorton’s Easter Adventure is a children’s picture book written by Meri-le Collum and illustrated by Penny Weber. Easter is one of Gnorton the Gnome’s favorite holidays and he wants to contribute to making eggs for the children. Unfortunately, none of his friends seems to know...

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Gagandeep and Chuchundar

By Sarah Raj (Olga Vitvitskaia)

Gagandeep and Chuchundar by Sarah Raj tells the story of a small village boy, Gagandeep – affectionately called Gagan – and a large beast, Chuchundar, that lives in the forest and makes his nest at the top of the world’s tallest mountain; Malai. Chuchundar lives...

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Ghost of the Forbidden City - China

Thrilling adventure story for kids 6-12 years (Keiko and Kenzo Travel Adventure Series)
By Sumita Mukherjee

Ghost of the Forbidden City - China by Sumita Mukherjee takes readers to China with Keiko, Kenzo, and Eji. They are on a school trip with their friends, and Tyra, their history teacher who was also known as Miss Tyrant. Eji has been given special...

Guinevere: At the Dawn of Legend

Tales & Legends for Reluctant Readers
By Cheryl Carpinello

Children are attracted to adventure and they don’t see the risks that adults do, refusing to accept many of the limitations and rules enforced for the sole purpose of keeping children safe. Guinevere and Cedwyn are close friends and Cedwyn, although still very young, has...

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Gary the Garbage Can

By Jim Bayer

Gary the Garbage Can by Jim Bayer is a fun children's book about a garbage can named Gary. One day, Gary and his friend, Smitty the goat, are going frog-catching at the pond. Along the way, they pass a snake named Olive. Smitty wants to...


Grimhilderness, Book 1
By Mike Crowl

Grimhilda! is the first fantasy children’s book in the Grimhilderness series, written by Mike Crowl and Cherianne Parks. Eight-year-old Toby Ashton-Batchelor barely remembers the days when his parents had paid him some attention. Over the past few years, George and Sylvia Ashton-Batchelor had always been...

Gabby's Space Adventure

By Angel Krishna

Gabby's Space Adventure by Angel Krishna is an inspiring, well written children's book about a young hippo named Gabby. Gabby has always wanted to go to space and have adventures. People always question her dream, though. One day a group of children wonder why she'd...

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Good Too Too and Bad Too Too

By Michael Verrett

Good Too Too and Bad Too Too by Michael Verrett is a fun story about twin brothers called Good Too Too and Bad Too Too. Good Too Too was very good, he was polite and helped with chores, he went to bed on time, and...

Gizmo Goes to Yellowstone

Volume 2
By Heidi C Phillips

Gizmo is a cute little white dog, full of love and affection, who enjoys all those wonderful doggy kinds of adventures. But, sadly, Gizmo feels a little out of place and it’s all because he doesn’t have a tail. Gizmo wants to fit in; he...


WhipEye Chronicles, Book 2
By Geoffrey Saign

Gorgon is the second book in the WhipEye Chronicles, written by Geoffrey Saign. Estranged friends and neighbors, Jake and Samantha, celebrate a special dinner hosted by Bryon (Samantha’s father) and Cynthia (Jake’s mother), but the festivities are interrupted when a giant Komodo Dragon crashes the...

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