Children - Adventure

A Dash of Belladonna

By J Rackham

What would you do if you finally got accepted as an apprentice to your dream mentor? Would you go, even if it meant leaving your family in another country? A Dash of Belladonna by J. Rackham is a children's fantasy novel about a young girl...

A Flag for the Flying Dragon

A Captain No Beard Story (Volume 9)
By Carole P. Roman

A Flag for the Flying Dragon: A Captain No Beard Story, Volume 9 by Carole P. Roman opens with the ship sailing through the dark waters and the crew busy with their chores. Captain No Beard is looking for Mongo and they find him struggling...

A Visit To Monkey Forest

Butterfly Adventure Volume 1
By Shauna Kelly

What is it like visiting Monkey Forest? Ask Chloe and Shauna as they enjoy an adventure of walking through and interacting with the various types of monkeys in A Visit To Monkey Forest: Butterfly Adventure Volume 1 by Shauna Kelly. Monkey Forest comprises of over...

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A Spooky Tale

A Walk With Our Teacher
By Sue Wickstead

A Spooky Tale: A Walk With Our Teacher by Sue Wickstead is a great book to help pique your child’s imagination. Children of all ages will enjoy reading through the pages of this picture book. What originally started out as a project over 10 years...

A Collection of Short Stories and Essays

For Middle and High School
By Hammad Farooqui

If you enjoy reading a collection of short stories and essays, do I have a book for you. Since childhood, Hammad Farooqui has created various types of written works. Hammad has a desire to educate and entertain middle and high schoolers. In A Collection...

Astrid's Dragon

By Karen Christian

Astrid’s Dragon by Karen Christian is a delightful, humorous, fantasy adventure story for readers about ages 6-8. Younger children can also enjoy it, even if they’re not reading yet, since it has many illustrations and is well-suited to reading aloud. Astrid, an ordinary princess, lives...

A Dog Named Derf

By Raven H Price

Derf is Fred spelled backwards. It is a unique name for a very unique and special dog, a cherished family pet, but, more importantly, a member of the family. Derf knew he was different, even as a puppy. His coat was uniquely colored and he...

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A Raccoon's Tale

Seven Saves the Notch
By Fran Hodgkins

A Raccoon’s Tale: Seven Saves the Notch is a delightful children’s book written by Fran Hodgkins and illustrated by Donnachada Daly. After their home and surrounds are demolished by man-made machines, young raccoon, Seven-Rings, and her younger sister, Arnica, manage to escape to safety. Tales...

A Very Strange Zoo

By Chris Stead

A Very Strange Zoo is an ingenious, magical tale of an inventor who creates animals by recycling household items. After they get hit by lightning, the animals come to life and build their own homes and villages. Author Chris Stead has written a fun, imaginative...

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A Boy With A Cape

By Amy Logan

What does it take to be a superhero? First of all, you have to care about others and think of others before yourself. You have to be kind, considerate and helpful. Just putting on a cape doesn’t make you a superhero, but what you do,...