Children - Adventure


By Julia E. Clements

Plagued by his father’s death, Danny keeps experiencing blood-curdling nightmares. As the story begins in Dreamland by Julia E. Clements, the pain of loss etched in both Danny’s and his mother’s hearts is still fresh in each of their minds. It is when Danny turns...

Danny and the DreamWeaver

By Mark Poe (aka Rich DiSilvio)

Danny and the DreamWeaver is a young adult, fantasy novella by the author Mark Poe (aka Rich DiSilvio) that is not only a wonderful mystery/adventure story through time, but an intelligent parable linking imagination and man’s thirst for knowledge. Mr. Poe’s story begins with young...

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Dang - It's the Dragons!

By J.R. Poulter

Author J.R. Poulter tells us what it's like to be invaded by dragons in Dang - It's the Dragons! This book is a funny children's book that not only rhymes, but tells the tale of what the farmers did one day when the dragons swooped...

DOTTY and the Dream Catchers

The DOTTY Series, Book 3
By Emma Warner-Reed

Dotty and the Dream Catchers is the third book in the Dotty series, written by Emma Warner-Reed. Eleven-year-old Dotty Parsons – a Guardian of the Sweeps – is finally beginning boarding school, but is hesitant to attend due to the horrific recurring dreams she has...

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Doubloon Cove

The Secret of the Ancient Visitors
By Kelly Novak

Doubloon Cove: The Secret of the Ancient Visitors is an action and adventure mystery novel for children and preteens written by Kelly Novak. Twelve-year-old Jeffrey and Steven loved hanging out in their fort, the old shed in the back of Jeffrey’s house. It had been...

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Dilby R. Dixon's The Dilbonary

By Tony J. Perri

Dilby R. Dixon’s The Dilbonary is a children’s fantasy tale of triumph over bullying, written by Tony J. Perri. Born ten years ago during a power outage during a thunderstorm, Dilby Dixon is (once again) bullied on his way home from school by a student...

Daniel Max and the King in the Tower

By Moshe Sipper

Daniel Max and the King in the Tower by Moshe Sipper is a children’s story about an adventure experienced by Daniel Max, his younger sister, Dana, and his best friend, Jake. Throughout the years there have been some mysterious disappearances in the town of Bleak...

Daniel and the Triune Quest

Sons and Daughters Book 2
By Nathan Lumbatis

This is textbook Christian fantasy, combining modern writing with age-old truths in a winning blend. The second book of Nathan Lumbatis’ exciting series, Daniel and the Triune Quest puts a lot of oomph into this popular genre. Still nursing memories of their earlier experiences in...

Dancing On The Moon

By Beverly Banfield

Dancing on the Moon by Beverly Banfield is an exciting children's book about a young dancer named Paige. One night, Paige doesn't go to bed; instead Paige goes to the moon. She is dancing on the moon when she sees a child in an astronaut...

Dolly Becomes a Scout

By Kay Whitehouse

You’ll be surprised in the second chapter to find out that the first-person dialog is being narrated by a hand truck named Dolly! Dolly is very observant and has learned so much from hanging out with the family and watching television. Dolly Becomes a Scout...