Children - Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Magical Adventures & Pony Tales

Box set (Vol 1 - 6)
By Angharad Thompson Rees

The special bond that exists between a horse and its caretaker is not one to take lightly. Even a wooden horse, be it a carousel horse or a rocking horse, has feelings and demands respect and proper care. You see, horses have feelings too, and,...

The Dinosaur Tree

By Michael Verrett

The Dinosaur Tree by Michael Verrett is an intensely color-filled story about an industrious boy, set on doing his very best in a new job he acquires. He’s hired by McVee to do all sorts of yard chores like chase rabbits, pull weeds, water flowers,...

The Adventures of Gracie & MonkeyBear

Book 2: Winter
By C.S. O'Kelly

The Adventures of Gracie & MonkeyBear: Winter, Book 2 is a children’s picture book written by C.S. O'Kelly and illustrated by Jordy Farrell. Gracie and MonkeyBear loved having adventures, and so Gracie was thrilled to announce that there had been a visitor to their backyard...

The Bridge in the Fog

Book 3, Magora Series
By Marc Remus

The Bridge in the Fog by Marc Remus is Book 3 in the Magora series, but works excellently as a stand alone. An amazing gate painting made by Holly's late grandfather, Nikolas, was in fact a portal to the magical world of Magora. When staring...


Chapter One
By K.L. Farley

WoodWings: Chapter One is a children's adventure story by K.L Farley. When his grandfather dies, Dean's family are left an old haunted inn. The warning sign stating that certain death awaited those who passed should have been the first indication, and if that wasn't enough...

Mona Lisa's Ghost

Lucy Nightingale, Book 2
By Nancy Kunhardt Lodge

Mona Lisa's Ghost: Lucy Nightingale, Book 2 is a science fiction and fantasy novel for children and preteens written by Nancy Kunhardt Lodge. Who stole the Mona Lisa from its secure location in the Louvre, leaving no traces of the theft? Lucy Nightingale and her...

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Golden Skye of Ansgar

A Windflower Saga Middle Grade Novel, and the Short Story "Fly, Percy, Fly!" (The Windflower Saga)
By Aleksandra Layland

Golden Skye of Ansgar: A Windflower Saga Middle Grade Novel and the Short Story Fly, Percy, Fly! by Aleksandra Layland is a short story based on the characters taken from the epic fantasy novel Of Wisdom and Valor: The Art of War, The Path of...

Beyond The Coat Cupboard

An Omnitube Adventure
By R. J. Sayer

In Beyond The Coat Cupboard by R.J. Sayer, we meet the intelligent, but somewhat grumpy Dot, a twelve-year-old girl who discovers that her coat closet in fact doubles as an Omnitube station to planet Earth. Not that it's much of an inconvenience. The planet has...

Tatter Wings

By J.R.Poulter writing as J.R.McRae

A princess wronged, an evil prince and his equally evil sister; wild creatures, both good and evil. And then there’s the unicorn, whose horn has been smashed and his magic is fading. All the makings of a fairy tale. The plot thickens as good and...

The Tower Below

The Morus Chronicles Volume 3
By J. R. Roper

In The Tower Below from J.R. Roper’s fantasy series, The Morus Chronicles, fourteen-year-old treasure hunter, Ethan Morus, and guardians of The Light search for another ancient artifact. This is very significant because its powerful secrets were even withheld from senior wizards. Lord Dehric, the leader...