Children - Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Molly Spungle

The Secret of Red Stone
By Jessie L. Best

Molly Spungle: The Secret of Red Stone by Jessie L. Best is a middle grade story that starts out with Molly, a spungle fairy, who finds herself being tricked by the evil Jar-ed, who wants to steal her magic. With broken wings, an injured man...

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DOTTY and the Dream Catchers

The DOTTY Series, Book 3
By Emma Warner-Reed

Dotty and the Dream Catchers is the third book in the Dotty series, written by Emma Warner-Reed. Eleven-year-old Dotty Parsons – a Guardian of the Sweeps – is finally beginning boarding school, but is hesitant to attend due to the horrific recurring dreams she has...

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Braidy von Althuis

And the Pesky Pest Controller
By Cassidy Dwelis

Braidy von Althuis: And the Pesky Pest Controller is a pre-teen fantasy by Cassidy Dwelis. Ten-year-old Braidy von Althuis is considered a misfit by the other kids at his school. He doesn’t have any friends and his family is considered abnormal by anyone brave enough...

Priscilla and the Sandman

By Anders Roseberg

It can be hard to get little children to go to sleep. They hear about the Boogie Man, the Sandman and the Monster under the bed, so what is a child to do to drift off peacefully? Priscilla and the Sandman by Anders Roseberg is...

Bump the Monster

By T. D. Ashcraft

Bump the Monster is a delightful children’s book written by T.D. Ashcraft and beautifully illustrated by Daniel Roper. Bump is a blue and orange monster who lives under the bed in a secret place. At night, Bump comes out to play, sometimes bringing his friends...

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The Ansgar Kids Treasury

A Windflower Saga Collection, The Windflower Saga Volume 15
By Aleksandra Layland

The Ansgar Kids Treasury: A Windflower Saga Collection, written by Aleksandra Layland, can be divided into three different parts comprising this collection. This is aimed at children from preschool to the third grade reading level. The first two stories, “Tiyo, the Dog Who Saved Ansgar”...

Sparkle the Elf

A Story About Confidence
By Lisa Beere

We are our own worst critics. How often have we heard that phrase? And yet it is so true. It’s hard not to find fault with ourselves, to overcome whatever deficiencies we believe we have. For example, Sparkle has a problem with her size. She’s...

The Land of Reverse

By Dave Manousos

The Land of Reverse by Dave Manousos is a children’s illustrated story about bedtimes and sleeping. Sam, our sleep-deprived boy, tries everything he can imagine and still cannot manage to catch any z’s. After a while, a thought comes to him and he tries to...

Astrid's Dragon

By Karen Christian

Astrid’s Dragon by Karen Christian is a delightful, humorous, fantasy adventure story for readers about ages 6-8. Younger children can also enjoy it, even if they’re not reading yet, since it has many illustrations and is well-suited to reading aloud. Astrid, an ordinary princess, lives...

The Hairy Fairy

Hairy Fairy Tales
By Mark Watson

The Hairy Fairy is a fun story about a fairy and a boy named Jack. Author Mark Watson has written a silly, rhyming story of a hairy fairy that’s been cursed and must sit on the head of a boy for the day. Children who...