Fiction - Anthology

How I Am Different

By Thom Kudla

“I wish they had told me / when I was a kid / that my allowance wouldn't buy me / a sustainable smile.” (p.16) If there is one poetry book you should read in your whole lifetime, it is How I Am Different by Thom Kudla,...

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Here be Dragons

Tales of Fantasy, Magic, and Adventure
By Hannah Steenbock

Here Be Dragons by Hannah Steenbock is a collection of eight short stories about magic, mythical creatures and sorcery. From a traveling wizard that fixes toys, to a wizard who loses and searches for his magic deck of cards. From a young girl that tries...

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By Su Halfwerk

In Hellbound, author Su Halfwerk presents to readers three dark and disturbing stories regarding human nature and the place that no sane mind wants to be – Hell. This novella starts off with The Deadening. Bart is a greedy morgue attendant that steals from the...

Heavier Than Air

By Nona Caspers

Nona Caspers has a unique style of writing. In several of her stories, she takes the mundane and demonstrates the significance of the act. Such as the mere act of breathing; it does not seem so important until you are drowning. The connecting thread in this...