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Forgotten Letters

By Kirk Raeber and Mario Acevedo

Forgotten Letters by Kirk Raeber and Mario Acevedo is a fictional audio book that follows a love story that begins in 1924. This is a story that would appeal most to a mixed audience of young adults and adults who enjoy romances that begin as...

Painted Days

A Tale of Origins
By Peter John Driscoll

Painted Days by Peter John Driscoll is 'A Tale of Origins.' Wind back 8000 years, back to the lowlands where tribes war against one another. A hunter puts himself at risk of death and enters Doggerland in search of big game. Instead, he finds a...

Road Trip Home

A Bahá'í Vision of Hope
By Steven E. Ellis

Road Trip Home (A Bahá'í Vision of Hope) by Steven E. Ellis is an inspirational novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of adults and young adults interested in tales of hope, religion, and spirituality. Rose is an eighty-three-year-old Alaskan Native who has...

Tiger Pelt

By Annabelle Kim

Tiger Pelt by Annabelle Kim takes us into the story of a time that was a savage and sometimes unforgiving time. You are taken into Korea when Japan was an occupying force. A young boy from a farm goes on a quest that will lead...

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Our Eternal Curse

Another Tribe
By Simon Rumney

Our Eternal Curse: Another Tribe by Simon Rumney is part of a series that covers the many lives and deaths of one woman throughout history, a woman who seems destined to play a large part in the history of whatever time period and place she...

Jade Orchid Lovers

By Mei Silk

Sara Wang simply wants to get on with her life as a college instructor in a new town in Jade Orchid Lovers by Mei Silk. Moving back to where she had grown up after a nasty divorce, Sara returns to the pool at the Y...

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Destiny's Design

By Rosemary Gard

Destiny's Design by Rosemary Gard is a novel that beautifully captures the soul and spirit of immigrants. Although I haven’t read any work by this author, and even though this is part of a series, I was able to connect with the story and the...

Mock My Words

By Chandra Shekhar

Chandra Shekhar’s first novel, Mock My Words, follows the life of David Tan, a critically acclaimed novelist with an odd speech impediment and a failing marriage. Although David writes beautifully, he struggles to speak coherent English. His wife, Laura, a dynamic and sometimes stern woman...

Red Days

By M L Sparrow

Red Days is a young and new adult environmental fiction novel written by M.L. Sparrow. Keiko Saito enjoyed her life in London. She was a reporter for a notable newspaper, had a boyfriend, and loved the spacious apartment which they shared. Keiko’s Japanese parents had...

Songs of Insurrection

The Dragon Scale Lute
By JC Kang

Songs of Insurrection by JC Kang is Book One of The Dragon Songs Saga from the Legends of Tivara series. This book was previously published with a different cover under the title The Dragon Scale Lute, Book One of the Daughter of the Dragon Throne...