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The Gramble Chronicles I

Sophie's Playlist
By Michael Finocchiaro

Gramble Thyssen discovers just how small the world is when he begins to investigate the connection between organized crime and the Indian casinos in Miami in The Gramble Chronicles 1: Sophie’s Playlist by Michael Finocchiaro. This convoluted tale is told by numerous characters, each somehow...

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The Red Ledger

Never Alone Series Book 4
By Doug Dorsey

"All that glitters is not gold." Would you make the ultimate sacrifice to live a wealthier lifestyle for a few years? The Red Ledger from the Never Alone Series is a Christian thriller by Doug Dorsey. Tyler Donovan, Director of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, leads...

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The Baljuna Covenant

By Tim Pelkey

The Baljuna Covenant by Tim Pelkey is a historical novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of young adults and adults who enjoy historical fiction thrillers and archaeological mysteries. James Andrews has dedicated years of his life to locating the tomb of Genghis...

The Back Road To Success

All Roads Are Not Paved
By Robert L Weaver

The Back Road to Success by Robert L Weaver is a short novella that reminds us that the direct route is not always the only way to get where you need to go in this world. Star Wainright is perhaps typical of many youngsters today....

The Becomer

By David Michael Miller

In The Becomer by David Michael Miller, we meet X, of indeterminate sex. X is you, X is me, in fact, X is, or can be, everyone. In this science fiction fantasy world, Miller examines where today’s technology could be leading us. Forget gene...

Tiger Pelt

By Annabelle Kim

Tiger Pelt by Annabelle Kim takes us into the story of a time that was a savage and sometimes unforgiving time. You are taken into Korea when Japan was an occupying force. A young boy from a farm goes on a quest that will lead...

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The Militarized Zone

What Did You Do in the Army, Grandpa?
By Wayne E. Johnson

The Militarized Zone: What Did You Do in the Army, Grandpa? by Wayne E. Johnson is a humorously written story that explores one man’s journey in the military and the lessons he learned from the experience. Enlisting in 1969, Jensen, a twenty-three-year old graduate, business...

The Great Nations of Rendaraia

Children of Gaia
By Jayel Draco

The Great Nations of Rendaraia is a scholastic account of the five great nations and their mysterious downfall. The first part briefly documents the history of Arilyness, Lithicus, Mithera, Danrock, and Noda. Each of these nations concentrates on a particular field of learning, from the...

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They All Fall Down

By J.A. Blake and Nick Moccia

In They All Fall Down by J.A. Blake and Nick Moccia, the reader follows the life of London Drake, a boy who suffers at the early age of eleven when his family becomes associated with murder and suicide. The reader learns about his dream of...

The Witches of Moonlight Ridge

The Moonlight Ridge Series Volume 2
By Ramey Channell

The Witches of Moonlight Ridge (The Moonlight Ridge Series Volume 2) by Ramey Channell is a charmingly delightful southern tale. Autumn has arrived at Moonlight Ridge, and Lily Clair and her cousin Willie T. are excited about starting fourth grade. They are happy that their...