Stunt Road

By Gregory Mose

Peter McFadden is an unemployed computer graphics designer. Peter is a very cynical man. He  invents a “fortune telling” machine and calls it, Horokinetics. He never expects anyone to take it seriously. He is surprised when Horokinetics becomes the next fad. He is the latest...

Screwing the Pooch

By J. B. Bergstad

Screwing the Pooch is seven short stories by J.B. Bergstad. Milton’s Pickle The setting is September 25, 1978 Provo, Utah. Seven year old Milton was the victim of bullies, nine year old Phillip Tanner, Leonard Brown and Myron Duncan. They bloody his nose at every opportunity. Yet...

Readers’ Favorite Award Winner

Award Winner

Sweetgum Ladies Knit for Love, The

By Beth Pattillo

Meet the ladies of the Sweetgum Knit Lit Society: Eugenie is the pastor’s wife, librarian and the leader, Camille is in her 20s, Hannah is the youngest at 15, Merry is a wife and mother, Esther is a widow facing financial hardships and...