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Envy Rots the Bones

By Nina R Blakeman

Envy Rots the Bones by Nina R Blakeman is a gritty tale that explores murder, family issues, and a conflict that will have the reader going through the pages nonstop. Dr. Faye Davis is an intelligent, pharmaceutical scientist, deeply in love with Todd, a man...

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Beltway Upheaval

Sequel to Patriotic Gamble
By Ken Gorman

A contingent election, controversial dealings, and politics that go beyond the shades of grey that permeate the day to day functioning are the undertone of Beltway Upheaval: Sequel to Patriotic Gamble by Ken Gorman. After an unprecedented election determined by a rare enactment of the...

Holy Fool

By Kenneth Butler

In the entertaining and thought-provoking fiction novel, Holy Fool by Kenneth Butler, a materialistic husband and father decides to become a priest after surviving a car accident. George St. Hilaire is a shrewd and competitive man in every aspect of his life, and his prominent...

Scandalous Hoe Fiction

By Ashley M. Hardy

A short, delightful read, Scandalous Hoe Fiction by Ashley M. Hardy is a dramatic novel, a story told around a lounge bar in a small town, and an assortment of women. What is in a woman? What is a woman capable of? In this swiftly-paced,...

The Red Ledger

Never Alone Series Book 4
By Doug Dorsey

"All that glitters is not gold." Would you make the ultimate sacrifice to live a wealthier lifestyle for a few years? The Red Ledger from the Never Alone Series is a Christian thriller by Doug Dorsey. Tyler Donovan, Director of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, leads...

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Lovingly Restored

A Romantic Odyssey
By Ray Hobbs

Lovingly Restored: A Romantic Odyssey by Ray Hobbs is the story of a man who is hardened by life, but his life is about to be turned upside down by a piano that he needs to restore. Russell Tompkinson is a very cynical man who...


By Steven Manchester

When estranged brothers Tom and Jason Prendergast are informed of the death of their father, a rare shared emotion of relief flits briefly across their individual minds. The man was evil. Always putting brother against brother, degrading each son at every opportunity. With the news...

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Clemenceau's Daughters

By Rocky Porch Moore

Clemenceau's Daughters by Rocky Porch Moore is an eerie, Southern Gothic novel that details the blood-soaked legacy behind cracks of innocence. The book is separated into three parts. The first part introduces Debbie, a young girl with a strange ability that has led to the...

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By Rich Chambers

The year William Bur celebrates his eighteenth birthday, he is full of realizations concerning his life, mainly that his future is one enormous pit of uncertainty. While the rest of his friends, affectionately known as the Group of Seven, seem to have their futures well-organized...


Gears in Time
By CA Hines

Cogwheels by CA Hines is part of the Gears in Time series and tells the story of Clarice, whose life changes in mere seconds. While she drives herself and her husband to their new home, a black woman suddenly appears in front of the car....

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