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Going Home

By Sharon Marchisello

Michelle DePalma meant for her trip to Two Wells, Texas, to be a quick check-in on her mother. That changed when she walked in on the dead body of a caregiver, and her mother standing in a puddle of blood, completely unaware that something bad...

Give Murder A Hand

Lizzie. Book 2 (The Westport Mysteries)
By Beth Prentice

Give Murder a Hand by Beth Prentice is the second book in the Westport Mysteries series. Lizzie thought she had found her dream house, but after a stalker attacked her, all she got was a bunch of nightmares. Things have now settled down and the...

Ghosts and Shadows

By H Max Hiller

Ghosts and Shadows by H. Max Hiller is a mystery about the arrogance of cultivating lambs for the slaughter, as well as the consequences of what happens when one lamb goes astray. Cooter “Cadillac” Hooter is called in to investigate a string of mysterious fires...

Girl In A Golden Cage

Gold Gift Series
By Lucy Branch

Girl in a Golden Cage is a splendid entry into the Gold Gift Series by Lucy Branch, a story with a strong, relatable protagonist. Francesca Milliardo is set for a promising future in the contemporary art world and she has succeeded in creating great connections...

Guilt Game

By L.J. Sellers

The suspense is nonstop in the exciting new thriller, Guilt Game by L.J. Sellers. After losing her sister to a cult, Rox MacFarlane is no longer content working as a Federal Agent. It isn't always possible to extricate cult victims legally within the guidelines and...

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Girl Ghosted

A Penny Wade Mystery
By Lucy English

Could the person you're dating be a murderer? Girl Ghosted by Lucy English is a thrilling murder mystery involving dates set up through an online dating service. Penny Wade is a social worker in Boston and is just an ordinary woman trying to make a...

Ghost Maven

Volume 1
By Tony Lee Moral

Ghost Maven by Tony Lee Moral is an adventure about faith, life, and death. Alice is rebuilding her life with her father and sister after the death of her mother. She's made a few friends, and even attempted a kayak trip in order to conquer...

Girl on Point

By Cheryl Guerriero

Girl On Point is a fictitious, yet tragic tale, filled with suspense and drama, written by Cheryl Guerriero. After a heated basketball game, seventeen-year-old Alex Campbell hears gun shots nearby. Moments later, as Alex cradles her younger sister’s lifeless body, she regrets sending Jenny to...

Girl Lost

By Michelle Files

The only parents Maddie knows are her grandparents. She’s lived with them for as long as she can remember. That’s okay. Maddie loves her grandparents. But she still wants to know about her parents, especially her mother who left her with her grandparents at the...

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Gemini Moon

Murder under The Italian Moon
By Maria Grazia Swan

Gemini Moon by Maria Grazia Swan is a mystery novel surrounding the consequences of a woman's disappearance. Before leaving Italy, Lella misses a call from her best friend, Ruby. Accustomed to Ruby's unusual calling habits, Lella is unconcerned. However, when Lella reaches her home, she...

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