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Cold Case Closure

A Police Procedural Novel
By Patrick Ian O'Donnell and Charles O. Gaylor

Cold Case Closure (A Police Procedural Novel) by Patrick Ian O'Donnell and Charles O. Gaylor is a murder mystery novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy vigilante style justice stories. Detective Sergeant Grant Frazier spent...

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Venetian Blood

Murder in a Sensuous City
By Christine Evelyn Volker

Anna Lucia Lottol works for the US Treasury as a financial investigator who tracks laundered money with complex algorithms. On a visit to beautiful riparian Venice, Anna becomes suspect numero uno in the murder of Count Sergio Corrin. Anna did know Corrin, and had even...

Dead Cold

An Emily Stone Thriller
By Jennifer Chase

Jennifer Chase’s Dead Cold is the sixth of her Emily Stone thrillers, with a seventh in the pipeline. Emily and her partner, Rick Lopez, are ex law enforcement officers who’ve decided that rather than deal with the humdrum of everyday law enforcement, with its highs...

Designs on Ivy's Locket

By Connie Chappell

Designs on Ivy's Locket by Connie Chappell is a spellbinding story that explores an unusual investigation. When Kerry St. John hires historian Wrenn Grayson, he wants to uncover the whereabouts of a precious piece of jewelry that was stolen from his grandfather, Dexter St. John....

Calamity at the Continental Club

Washington Whodunit
By Colleen J. Shogan

Calamity at the Continental Club (Washington Whodunit) by Colleen J. Shogan is a murder mystery novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of young adults and adults who enjoy clean murder mysteries without explicit sexual content or violence. The Mayflower Society’s annual meeting...

Ace of Hart

Hart of Darkness Volume 1
By Violeta M. Bagia

Ace of Hart (Hart of Darkness) by Violeta M. Bagia is an incredible story that combines different genres — thriller, mystery, romance, sci-fi — to create a riveting tale. Beautifully conceived and masterfully executed, the story is gripping, packed with action from beginning to end....

Painter of Time

By Matthew O'Connell

On her first day at the Cloisters gallery in New York, where she has been employed as a restorer, Mackenzie Ferrara is introduced to Italian restorer Anthony Bataglia, who is recognised as a world leader in the field. Painter of Time by Matthew O’Connell chronicles...

Guilt Game

By L.J. Sellers

The suspense is nonstop in the exciting new thriller, Guilt Game by L.J. Sellers. After losing her sister to a cult, Rox MacFarlane is no longer content working as a Federal Agent. It isn't always possible to extricate cult victims legally within the guidelines and...

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Murder By The Collar

By T Jerome Miller

If you're looking for a good murder mystery, try Murder By The Collar by T Jerome Miller. This former PolyGram, Motown, Capitol, and Warner Music Group entertainment executive has turned his creative juices into creating a life, music and corruption masterpiece. The marriage between the...

The Voynich Gambit

A Norman Blalock Mystery
By Quintin Peterson

“Expect the unexpected and trust no-one,” are words Lieutenant Norman Blalock seems to live by in The Voynich Gambit: A Norman Blalock Mystery by Quintin Peterson. Lt. Blalock, a guard at the Folger Shakespeare Library, has been forced by powerful entrepreneur Rupert Whyte to...

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