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V4 Vengeance

Hitler's Last Vengeance Weapons Are Going To War
By Nigel Seed

V4 Vengeance: Hitler’s Last Vengeance Weapons Are Going To War is a terrorist thriller by Nigel Seed. Major Jim Wilson, desperate to find a job after the British Army downsizes, accepts an assignment from Romanoff, a wealthy Russian, to search for a hidden World War...

Kingdom of God

By Greg Mantell

When Michael received a call from a private number, he knew it couldn't be a good thing. Breaking the house rules, he turned on the television and watched the report. As he left, he could already see the black plumes of smoke over Mexico, although...

The Homestead

By Douglass Hoover

The Homestead by Douglass Hoover tells the story of a group of people who have, for one reason or another, left life on the outside world to live in a Utopia they have created in the Alaskan wilderness. Their lives are undisturbed and each is...

The Bay

A Mystery & Suspense Novel
By Davis MacDonald

With captivating and colorful settings in Newport Beach and Orange County, The Bay: A Mystery & Suspense Novel by Davis MacDonald is a gorgeous treat for fans of mystery. The judge is supposed to be enjoying his vacation with his pregnant wife when he is...

Presidential Conclusions

By Douglas J. Wood

Presidential Conclusions by Douglas J. Wood is a powerful political thriller with compelling characters. A story with an international setting in the future, with complex terrorist issues affecting the US, Ukraine and the Middle East. The reader follows the life of US President Samantha Harrison,...

Just Love Everybody

Father Time is Running Out On Mother Nature
By Greg Ware

Just Love Everybody: Father Time is Running Out On Mother Nature by Greg Ware is a novel set in the far future where the world is almost destroyed, but one man is on a mission to save everyone with a unique and almost eclectic idea....

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By Douglas G. Hearle

Outsource by Douglas G. Hearle is a political thriller with an interesting cast of characters, a strong plot, and an exciting setting. A New York businessman, a globetrotter, is employed by the CIA to carry their messages surreptitiously to their contacts in Southeast Asian governments....


By Chris Calder

Kismet is a political action thriller with more than a hint of the police procedural about it. The story follows Edmund Lafitte, a British Member of Parliament, drawn almost incidentally into the activities of Islamic State in the UK when he tries to help a...

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Wendall's Lullaby

By Kip Koelsch

According to the website, “Mass strandings of dolphins are far less common than mass strandings of whales” and “there are many theories about why whales and dolphins sometimes swim into shallow water and end up stranding themselves on beaches in various parts of the...

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By Bernard Leo Remakus

Captain Zack Adams is an undisputed hero to the American people, but just what happened to him after his failed mission going after an elusive terrorist, code named Chameleon? No one seems to know for sure, other than that he’s vanished off the face of...