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Blessing The Next Generation

Creating a lasting legacy with the help of a loving God
By Marilyn Hickey, Sarah Bowling

Many are a victim of their past. Whether it is abuse, alcoholism, divorce, illness, or a multitude of other things, we allow our heritage to dictate our future. Authors Marilyn Hickey and Sarah Bowling discuss the plan God has for redeeming families: change, completion, and...

Bravehearted Gospel

The Truth Is Worth Fighting For
By Eric Ludy

This is one of those books that makes me want to get on my soapbox and shout to the masses. Jesus Christ was bold. He did not call us to sit in pews, quietly awaiting his return. We are to bravely “go where no man...

Broken into Beautiful

How God Restores the Wounded Heart
By Gwen Smith

Our Heavenly Father is a God that transforms. He can take our brokenness and make us whole. Do you have something in your past that you are not proud of? Do you feel unworthy? Broken into Beautiful by Gwen Smith speaks to the heart of women...

Christianity's Family Tree

What Other Christians Believe and Why
By Adam Hamilton

Recently, I was asked to teach a Wednesday evening class at church. I love teaching, so that was not the problem. The problem was what to teach and how to work it into my schedule. I, of course, turned to my good friend Beth at...

Come Along

A Journey Into a More Intimate Faith
By Jane Rubietta

A Journey Into a More Intimate Faith Come Along was written for women to assist them in a closer walk with Jesus. She examines ten encounters with Christ, among them: • Jesus Baptism • The adulteress woman • The woman that touched the hem of his garment • The women...

Commonly Misunderstood Bible Verses

Clear Explanations for the Difficult Passages
By Ron Rhodes

I teach an adult Sunday School Class and lead a weekly Bible study on Wednesday evenings. I am always on the lookout for tools appropriate for one of my classes. In Commonly Misunderstood Bible Verses, I have found a gem of a tool. Ron Rhodes...

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Communicating For A Change

Seven Keys to Irresistible Communication
By Andy Stanley and Lane Jones

Communicating For A Change should be required reading for all pastors, evangelists, and lay speakers. Andy Stanley and Lane Jones begin their book with a story about Willy Graham and Pastor Ray Martin. The story will bring smiles and understanding to the readers. Willy is a...

The Echo Within

Finding Your True Calling
By Robert Benson

Robert Benson begins The Echo Within by asking a friend, “What does God sound like?” I have been pondering this question since reading it. Like Benson’s friend, I have often wondered if I was following God’s calling or did it come from me. “We will...

Emergency Prayers

God's Help in Your Time of Need
By Deborah Smith Pegues

Our soul thrives on prayer. Scripture tells us to pray non-ceasing, yet few of us do. However, when a storm hits our life we besiege the Lord to not only hear our pray but to calm the storm. Debra Smith Pegues reminds us that we...

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Every Thursday

A warm, loving look at Grandparenting
By Bill & Pat Coleman

Bill and Pat Coleman look forward to Every Thursday, and so do their grandchildren. The Coleman’s set aside Every Thursday as grandchildren day. They drive to their grandchildren’s home, and so begins a day of fun and learning. The Coleman’s are the proud grandparents to...

Dead Hour, The

By Denise Mina

Paddy and Billy were working the night shift. They were driving around, listening to the police radio. In Bearsden, an affluent neighborhood, they observed Officer Dan McGregor as he spoke with the home owner. He and his partner, Tam Gourlay, were called on a complaint...

A Case of Imagination

By Jane Tesh

It is difficult for a former beauty queen to achieve respect as a private investigation.  Madeline Maclin is determined to make her career work. He former employer does not make things easy for her. He flirts with her and steals her clients. Jerry Fairweather is from...

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A Fat Virgin Death

By J. Tracksler

A Fat Virgin Death by Joyce Tracksler begins with the gripping saga of Sharon Nye. Until that fateful day, Sharon Nye had a delightful childhood. The nightmare began when she was only ten years old. Her sister hung herself and Sharon found the body. A...

Experiencing the Resurrection

By Henry & Melvin Blackaby

While we have concentrated on the cross and the painful death of Jesus Christ, the empty tomb is where our hope comes from. “Without the resurrection, the cross is meaningless.” It takes much more than believing in your head that Christ was resurrected it takes...

Adverse Selection

By Stephen F. Medici

It was a typical day in the life of Dr. Ken Crosby until someone shot him. His family would be well provided for; he had an insurance policy worth $1.5 million. Gordon Carlson is the CEO of an insurance company. His life was about to...

Alibis In Arkansas

Death on a Deadline/Drop Dead Diva/Down Home and Deadly(Sleuthing Sisters Mystery Omnibus) (Heartsong Presents Mysteries)
By Christine Lynxwiler, Jan Reynolds, Sandy Gaskin

Three Romance Mysteries… When sisters Jenna Stafford and Carly Reece get together, there is sure to be murder, laughs, and romance. When the local editor is murdered, Jenna and Carly are hot on the trail of the murderer in Death On a Deadline. Branson is the setting...

Faith to Faith

A Conversation About Christianity and World Religions
By Dan Scott

Dan Scott presents a discussion of different religions in the words of lay members. Scott attended an interfaith symposium where nine religions were represented. Faith to Faith is a fictionalize account of that symposium. “The information presented is real, the names were changed, and some...

Angel Singers, The

A Dick Hardesty Mystery
By Dorien Grey

While this is the 12th Dick Hardest mystery, this is the first for me. Dick is a gay detective. His significant other was Jonathan than Joshua entered their lives and they became parents. Dick and Jonathan live a typical, ordinary family life. They have an...

Fast Facts On Defending Your Faith

By John Ankerberg, John Weldon

A Christian bases their beliefs on faith. That is a fundamental part of the religion. At some time in a Christian’s life, he or she will be challenged to defend their beliefs. Few have the answers. Fast Facts On Defending Your Faith attempts to support...


Are you willing to pick a Fight with Evil?
By Kenny Luck

This is the third book in Kenny Luck’s, “God’s Man Series.” In today’s culture, few believe in spiritual evil. It is much more acceptable to internalize everything. It is not popular to admit you believe that the devil exists. Frankly, if you do not believe...