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Trial By Fear

Fallen Powers, Book 1
By Bruce Arrington

Trial By Fear: Fallen Powers, Book 1 is an epic fantasy novel written by Bruce Arrington. Beon had been raised by goblins ever since he was an infant and they overran his village, but he was determined to never feel the results of their wrath...

The Eighth Birthday Wish

By Bruce Arrington

The Eighth Birthday Wish by Bruce E. Arrington is about a girl named Sophia who lives in the country of Narthland. Sophia cannot sing, though all her brothers and sisters can sing very well. Her grandparents and parents also sing like sweet angels. Her birthday...

The Legend of Skaluni

By Bruce Arrington

The Legend of Skaluni is a tale of awakening, superstition and fantasy written by Bruce E. Arrington. A young boy, Skaluni, is confused by the scornful looks given to him by the village onlookers. Just six years of age, Skaluni had been seen as cursed...