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Essie's Roses

By Michelle Muriel

Essie's Roses: A Novel by Michelle Muriel is a historical fiction novel set in the South during the years leading up to the American Civil War. Essie, a slave, is born on the Westland plantation at the same time as the plantation owner, Katie Winthrop,...

Water Lily Dance

By Michelle Muriel

Water Lily Dance is a novel mixing contemporary and historical stories and was penned by author Michelle Muriel. Set in both 2014 and 1865, we meet women in search of a better life for themselves, all of whom are connected by the romantic art and...


Essie's Roses Book 2
By Michelle Muriel

Westland is the second novel in the Essie's Roses series by Michelle Muriel. Set in the years after the Civil War, the novel continues the story of Evie and Essie Mae. The two girls, now women, come back to their plantation, to Miss Katie and...