A Christmas Beau

Fiction - Inspirational
114 Pages
Reviewed on 10/16/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Deborah Stone for Readers' Favorite

A Christmas Beau by Delia Latham is a tender and sometimes anxiety-filled romance that holds your attention and finds you hoping that her characters achieve their desired outcome. Katie is attracted to Cam, her sister’s boss. She hopes that he can see past the fact that she is Belle’s little sister and see her for the woman that she is. Cam struggles with the eight-year age difference and cannot comprehend that this younger, attractive woman would truly be interested in him. When they do begin dating, things progress to a point where physical desire and Katie’s morality begin to conflict. Katie wants a commitment and she has set a deadline for Cam to commit for the long haul. Without that, Katie is prepared to walk away, no matter how much she loves Cam. Her deadline is the end of the day, Christmas Day. Katie is a psychology counselor working with troubled children. One of her new students is Aiden, an autistic little boy who will touch all of their lives. Some tension builds between Katie and Cam and, when things get complicated, Cam steps back from the relationship. When he fully realizes that he is in love with Katie and needs her in his life, he can only hope that she will give him another chance. As extraneous circumstances threaten to end their relationship, Katie is hoping for her own Christmas miracle. Will she get it? Can Cam let go of the past and receive the love that Katie has to give?

Delia Latham has given us another captivating romance full of twists and turns that keep you wondering what happens next. Delia’s characters are realistic, flawed and charming. This story brings us romance, success, failure, heartache, happiness and, in the midst of it all, is the message of God’s love and His ability to see us through every aspect of our lives. As Katie and Cam navigate the complications that could overwhelm their relationship, they are reminded to seek God. Delia Latham provides us with a heartwarming romance, along with a story of family bonds, strength, and unconditional love. As always, Delia Latham presents us with a believable story that warms the heart and may cause a few tears. This is a charming love story filled with life lessons, all wrapped up as beautifully as any gift under the Christmas tree.