All Roads Home

A Collection of Short Stories

Fiction - Short Story/Novela
332 Pages
Reviewed on 04/08/2018
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Author Biography

Dark fiction author, poet and playwright Lisa Diaz Meyer lives on Long Island, New York with her family.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Ryan Jordan for Readers' Favorite

All Roads Home: A Collection of Short Stories by Lisa Diaz Meyer is a collection of self-described bizarre stories, poems, and plays. It starts off with a bang with the series of Outpost stories, which were often raucous, engaging and full of personality. This is followed with a series of stories under the heading The Enduring, and these are a lot more relatable and humanistic stories. The first of these is about a grandfather who went missing on Christmas and trying to find out what is happening or if something is wrong. The short story ends without a lot of resolution, but it does propose hope and faith as a solution for handling problems with dignity.

I did enjoy this story quite a bit, because I think it is a common human situation to be worried about our parents as they get older. When they go wandering or missing, it can be as dangerous as a toddler heading out into the world, and I think it was very easy to relate to. The next story deals with another social issue with a character worried about how to tell his family he is gay, though the story steers clear of delving too deeply into this situation or challenging the reader too much with actually addressing the problems.

It felt more like stories about awareness and being introduced to topics rather than solving them. I liked the Fragments section of poetry as well, particularly enjoying the poem Waiting. All Roads Home: A Collection of Short Stories by Lisa Diaz Meyer is an interesting and provocative volume of stories and poems and people who want a varied body of work will enjoy this quite a bit. I enjoyed that it was broken up by different kinds of writing. Well done!

Jamie Michele

All Roads Home: A Collection of Short Stories by Lisa Diaz Meyer is the first book in the author's All Roads trilogy, followed by All Roads Destined and All Roads Shattered. This anthology begins with the onset of Meyer's wildly popular and highly rated saga, The Outposts, a story that spans over the course of all three of her compilation books. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Georgia - who has been raised in secrecy as a boy with the name George - is one of the few women left able to bear children. She makes a daring escape, only to find that while life outside her outpost allows for freedom (and love), the issues that arise can be equally gruesome to the horrors she left behind. All Roads Home also features the first flush of Meyer's delightfully dark poetry and play-writing.

In the interests of full disclosure, I feel the need to point out that I read this trilogy backwards. This was unintentional, but in my opinion it lends greater credence to the author's skill that The Outposts, in particular, can be read in any order without losing your way in the story. It's evident that Meyer has experienced genuine growth in her work as the books get better with each release (and given this is the intro, that says quite a lot about her talent). The Outposts might be the star here, but I'm of the opinion that, first and foremost, Meyer is a poet...and an exceptional one at that. I can't recommend this trilogy highly enough, and All Roads Home kicks it off with a sensational launch.