Cabo and Coral Meet a Kelp Hugger

Understanding Climate Change

Children - Educational
32 Pages
Reviewed on 09/21/2017
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Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Cabo and Coral Meet a Kelp Hugger: Understanding Climate Change is an educational picture book for children, grades K-3, written by Paolo Cabo Wahn and Udo Wahn, M.D. and illustrated by Jennifer Belote. Kelpy didn’t always live in the aquarium. It was large and contained many different plants, fish and other sea life, but it wasn’t the reef he grew up in and loved before he was ensnared in a fishing net and injured. Granted, he still did have kelp to hug, which made him feel much better, and was, by the way, how he got his name. Kelpy always enjoyed when Cabo and Coral would come to visit him. They were two children who loved to surf and could be found on the waves after school each day. Cabo loved the warm weather they were experiencing, but he was confused why the weather felt more like summer than fall. On the way home, Coral explained about climate change, and the two of them stopped in to visit Kelpy.

Cabo and Coral Meet a Kelp Hugger: Understanding Climate Change introduces the subject and science of climate change in ways that are easily understandable by children. The Wahns use Cabo, Coral and Kelpy’s experiences to highlight the changes that have been occurring at an alarming rate, as well as through the use of before and after pictures of the beach, the Arctic, and the African Savanna. Practical ways that kids and their parents can help to reverse climate change are addressed both in the story and in an appendix. There’s also a glossary of the terms used in the text. Jennifer Belote’s illustrations are superb! They really bring Kelpy to life, and made me almost feel as though I were out there on the beach and enjoying the waves along with Coral and Cabo. Her Savanna and Arctic pictures are also first-rate. Children are encouraged to view the healthy environment pictures and to color in the “now” pictures as part of playing their own part in restoring the environment. Cabo and Coral Meet a Kelp Hugger: Understanding Climate Change helps kids and their parents understand just what is at stake with our environment, and it teaches them how to actively be a part of the solution. It’s most highly recommended.

Kelp Hugger

“Climate change is having a powerful impact across the globe. The best way to respond to it is by understanding the science behind it. Udo Wahn’s work helps us make sense of this phenomena while there is still time to do something about it.” - Wyland, Ocean conservationist and marine artist

“Any change has to come from all of us. Everything we do no matter how little to lower and shrink our footprint here on earth helps the whole. Children are the building blocks of the future. This book can get a child on the program early to understand what makes global warming happen. It’s a great story and a great way to get children involved from an early age. Good job. Love the art.” - Mike Doyle, Legendary surfer, an original waterman and author of Morning Glass

“The adventures of Cabo and Coral teach us how to appreciate and care for our environment and great lessons about conservation.” - Drew Brees, Super Bowl Champion and quarterback for the New Orleans Saints

“The story, art work, and imaginative and interactive aspects of this book draw you into the educational heart of the book... understanding climate change. A book to be shared with “kids” of all ages. You will not only learn about what’s causing climate change, but also be informed of things you and your family can do to stop it. Important and inspiring, don’t miss this latest adventure of Cabo & Coral!” - Linda Benson, World Champion, 5 X U S Champion, International Surfing Hall of Fame

“This delightful little book gives children and parents an awareness of climate change and what they can do to reverse it - read it and take action together!” - Shaun Tomson, Legendary pro surfer and author of Surfer’s Code

“The ocean seems so vast that human behavior cannot affect it. But it is not true! Cabo and Coral discover and explain with the help of an unusually long-lived and eloquent octopus how the negative effects of human behavior can be felt all over the planet from the tropical ocean to the Arctic and to the African savannah. And the children end with a message of hope and actions anyone can take.” -Mark Spalding, President, The Ocean Foundation