Cake in Bed

Fiction - Chick Lit
203 Pages
Reviewed on 03/11/2016
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Author Biography

Sheri Fink is a #1 best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur, and hopeful romantic who lives in Southern California. She was inspired to write Cake in Bed, her debut novel, to empower women to be their authentic selves and to not settle for less than they deserve in life or in love, because everyone deserves to have their cake and eat it too ... preferably in bed!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

Cake In Bed by Sheri Fink is just as light hearted and fun as it sounds. The story follows a 30-something woman called Julie. She has been divorced once, but she is not losing hope of finding love. The night that might have been her first wedding anniversary, she is sitting alone in bed, eating cake. But she is not going down without a fight, and so starts the parade of messy men, bad men, and selfish men. It is great that Julie has Nick, her friend who has always been there for her. There has always been something between them; they had a chemistry they always tried to ignore. But when push comes to a shove, will they finally give in to their attraction or will they still waste time on Mr. and Ms. Wrongs?

Oh boy! I’m a sucker for a sweet, sassy romance. People are calling it a “feel good” romance, and they are right to some degree. But this is just simply pure talent on the writer’s part. Give this story to someone else and they will make it into a long, boring affair. But not Fink! She kept it simple, sweet, passionate ... and a little steamy. From the get go, you are cheering Julie on and rooting for Nick. I don’t think I have had such strong emotions for any characters other than the Harry Potter series. All in all, this is a romance book I would love to introduce to my book club, because we love a nice romance that makes you smile and makes you “feel good” so effortlessly.