Caveman Teach Children Metric System of Systems International (SI) Units

Educational Coloring Book

Children - Educational
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Reviewed on 05/02/2022
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Author Biography

When I look into my student's eyes, I see myself. Every child wants to matter. Every child wants someone to care. Every child wants to succeed. Every child wants to be smart. I often tell my students that I am not smarter than them, I just know more stuff. I teach through patience and diligence with the belief that if I try a little harder, explain one or twenty more times, they will understand. I now have over twenty-five years of teaching experience. I have spent the last eleven years teaching math intervention to fifth and sixth graders. Caveman Educational Stories for Children are a result of stories I made up to help my students.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Philip Van Heusen for Readers' Favorite

Rod Rammage has developed a cute little story to help teach children the basics of the metric measuring system. Rod’s book, Caveman Teach Children Metric System of Systems International (SI) Units, is much more than just an educational book. It is also a coloring book, making learning even more fun. In elementary school back in the early 1960s, we were told that America would convert to the metric system (obviously, that did not happen). The metric system was new to us and confusing. For example, “milli” is from the Latin meaning 1,000, while “kilo” is from the Greek meaning 1,000. Since both roots have to do with 1,000, which is longer; a kilometer or a millimeter? Rod does a wonderful job in his creative manner of explaining what is longer. Children will love this book and will be greatly enriched by reading it. Children will not only learn from reading and coloring this book, but they will also have fun while they learn.

The metric system is very logical and is based on the decimal system. Measurements go up by a factor of 10 and go down by a factor of 10. For example, this makes conversion from meter to decameter easy. Rod Rammage uses the story of an ancient village where building without a standard measure produced an unusable building. As Caveman thought about solving the problem, he saw many animals and noticed a relationship between them. As he thought, he developed a measuring system we now call the metric system. In Caveman Teach Children Metric System of Systems International (SI) Units, Rod shows children how a meter relates to a millimeter, centimeter, kilometer, etc. He also puts the system into drawings to help children remember. After reading this book, who could forget the little ant named Centi or the dinosaur named Hecto? Armed with pictures the child has colored, they will remember if a kilo or centi is longer.

Nicholus Schroeder

Caveman Teach Children Metric System or Systems International (SI) Units Math and Science is a children’s educational book written and illustrated by Rod Rammage. One day in Kilo Village, the villagers were planning on building a big hut for parties. There was one problem, however. As they built the hut, they noticed it was crooked and unsightly. But why? The reason was inconsistent measurements, as one villager would use their foot whilst another would use their height to measure distance. To fix the issue, the villagers all turned to Caveman for help. When observing the world around him, Caveman realized that he should create units of measurement that were consistent and accepted by everyone. To accomplish this he created the SI units!

Caveman Teach Children Metric System or Systems International (SI) Units Math and Science can serve as a fun and useful tool for educating children about units of measurement. This book will also help teach children that sometimes the answer to a problem can be hidden in plain sight. Besides providing educational information, this book also has varied environments that can be colored in by a young reader. Meadows, mountains, the sky and so much more await the creativity and crayons of a child. The illustrations have a lot of detail to them and children will have fun seeing them come to life once the coloring begins.

I believe an adult should read this book to their child or children because though the explanations are kept simple, some words aren’t in their vocabulary yet. For example, the words “Metric System” are guaranteed to confuse a child. Having an adult define some of the tricky words would help a lot. Overall, this book will provide a child with essential knowledge and also hours of fun spent coloring. Artistic activities such as coloring are very important for the brain and even more so for a developing brain. Rod Rammage has created a book that will provide both a creative and technical workout for a child. I recommend this book to parents looking for an educational yet fun book for their kids.

Keith Mbuya

The inhabitants of Kilo village wanted to make a big hut where they could hold their parties. However, as each member chipped in to support the construction of the hut, a huge problem occurred. All the materials brought by the villagers were of different measurements. Each villager used a different method to measure their materials. Some used their legs, others their bodies, others their noses, all because they did not have a uniform method for measuring their materials. This made the construction of their hut impossible. The villagers then gave Caveman the task of solving their problem of measurement. Find out what Caveman does to solve the villagers’ problem in Rod Rammage’s Caveman Teach Children Metric System of Systems International (SI) Units Math and Science.

Rod Rammage’s style of writing is super simple. He embeds his sentences with appropriate vocabulary in his subject of concern. He aligns his ideas consistently, giving his work a good flow. He gives his narration in such a way that he tells a story yet at the same time teaches young readers about the metric system. The aspect of suspense in the story kept me guessing what the Caveman was going to do to solve the villager’s problem. This made the book interesting. Rod Rammage backs his depictions and elaborations of his thoughts and ideas with drawings. All these served to make his message perceivable. The book is educative as it not only teaches the metric system, but also the power of working together, and the importance of helping each other to solve problems. Children will find Caveman Teach Children Metric System of Systems International (SI) Units Math and Science an interesting read.

Pikasho Deka

Caveman Teach Children Metric System of Systems International (SI) Units is an educational coloring book written and illustrated by Rod Rammage. Years ago, Caveman lived in Kilo Village, where people worked hard and helped each other. One day, the village folk decided to build a big hut where all of them could celebrate with parties. But there appeared a major obstacle. No one could measure the same as everyone used different methods to scale. While one man tried measuring with his foot, another used something else. This went on until they ended up with a crooked building. At last, it fell upon Caveman to think of a new measuring system everyone could use. Drawing inspiration from his loyal companion, Meter Dog, and a few other animals, Caveman comes up with what is now known worldwide as the Metric System.

Author Rod Rammage tells a delightful tale that will entertain kids and teach them the fundamentals of the Metric System. With some fun illustrations to color, children will find an engaging activity to preoccupy themselves with while having fun reading the story. Rammage uses an accessible and enjoyable narrative style, making it easier for kids to immerse themselves into the story and have a bit of fun. Caveman is a likable character who commands every scene he is in. The illustrations bring an added flavor to the narrative, making it all the more interactive and playful. Caveman Teach Children Metric System of Systems International (SI) Units is a picture book that both entertains and educates.

Asher Syed

Caveman Teach Children Metric System of Systems International (SI) Units, written and illustrated by Rod Rammage, is an educational coloring book to help kids put visuals and a bit of storytelling to a system of measurement to better understand it. The book begins with an introduction to the caveman who is actually just called Caveman, and the story of how his village once tried to take proper measurements. It was a disaster. People with different-sized feet were trying to measure slats with completely different outcomes, and one person even attempted to use their nose to determine length. Finally, the village asks Caveman to come up with a common system of measurement. He accepts and with the help of his pet Meter Dog, they do.

Caveman Teach Children Metric System of Systems International (SI) Units is a straightforward, no-frills approach to learning. The narrative is secondary to the illustrations, which showcase the 'how' and the 'why' in a comfortable learning context. This review is of the coloring book and the response my own children had while participating in Rod Rammage's lesson. The artwork is presented in simple pencil sketches which made it easy to load and for the kids to finish within a single afternoon. Both the writing and the illustrations are basic and I am not sure whether that is by accident or design, but it did not seem to matter to my child who happens to be obsessed with dinosaurs anyway. Dinosaurs are the stars here as Caveman transitions from Meter Dog to Deka Mammoth, and Deka Mammoth to Hekto Dinosaur, etc. Caveman does not reinvent the wheel but he certainly makes the lesson fun, and it was a solid win with my children.

Vincent Dublado

Caveman Teach Children Metric System of Systems International (SI) Units Educational Coloring Book by Rod Rammage is a good way to get kids familiar with the metric system. This is the story of a caveman who likes to teach children math and science. He tells his story that begins in a prehistoric village named Kilo, where its people are building a huge hut for their parties. The problem is that every person’s measurement of things is different. One man measures a plank of wood using his foot, but no one else has a foot as big as his. A woman uses her whole body to measure, but the others have varying heights. As a result, the structure they created is unstable and crooked. Through careful observation and with the help of Meter Dog, Caveman has come up with a new measuring system using the different lengths, heights, weights, and sizes of different animals.

Caveman Teach Children Metric System of Systems International (SI) Units Educational Coloring Book may appear like another typical coloring book but its educational value is something that no parents and educators should ignore. In an age where technology has provided so much comfort that includes measuring everything for us, it is still very important for children to learn units of measurement because it is one of the fundamental things that they need in the real world. Rod Rammage keeps it simple and he does not intend to beat kids over the head with any memorizations. Instead, he intends for children to have fun through a combination of reading and coloring activity. As long as kids are learning and having fun with this activity book, it is highly worth your children’s time.