Forgotten Letters

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Reviewed on 06/22/2017
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Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite

Forgotten Letters by Kirk Raeber and Mario Acevedo is a fictional audio book that follows a love story that begins in 1924. This is a story that would appeal most to a mixed audience of young adults and adults who enjoy romances that begin as friendship and evolve over time into something deeper. Young Robert Campbell joins his parents in Japan in 1924, where he meets a young girl by the name of Makiko Asakawa. Their friendship develops quickly and is sustained through letters when they are separated, but when war breaks out and Robert loses contact with Makiko, he is willing to risk his life to find her - even if he has to face war.

Forgotten Letters is a beautiful romance that developed between Robert and Makiko from childhood to adulthood. I loved the way the author began the romance during their childhood and then sustained it through the lives of the two characters with a letter exchange. However, I really began to enjoy the story when their letter contact stopped and Robert set out to discover what had happened to Makiko because that added an element of adventure to the book.

Forgotten Letters by Kirk Raeber and Mario Acevedo is narrated by Eric Martin Reid. Mr. Reid might not be a professional voice actor, but he has narrated a few audio books ranging from The Kratom Alternative: Why This Herbal Supplement Was Banned by the FDA to The League: Superhuman. His talent is clearly showcased in this audio book in his ability to switch between different characters, while still making each character seem like they have their own voice. Overall, Mr. Reid’s voice acting really made this audio book special.