Hart Broken

A Wounded Hero Romance

Romance - Contemporary
323 Pages
Reviewed on 04/04/2017
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Author Biography

Romance novels. Wounded heroes. Alpha and angst.

Annie doesn’t like long walks on the beach, getting dolled up, or HEA endings with a boringly perfect hero. She’d much rather be rock climbing, shooting guns, or ending on cliffhangers with a deliciously imperfect hero. And hugs. She likes hugs.

She also has a B.Sc. in Biology and feels kinda sorta weird referring to herself in 3rd person.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers' Favorite

Mickey rarely drinks, but when she does, there is no telling what will happen. Although beholden to strict self-inflicted dating rules, sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do in order to mentally and emotionally block the curve balls life throws. So, when Mackensington - “Mickey” - wakes up after a night out, she knows her best plan is to quickly and quietly escape the unfamiliar and obviously expensive bedroom she finds herself occupying. A phone call from her best friend confirms that her former fiancé is not responsible for her situation. Where is she? The unfamiliar yet sexy voice that greets her from another room is as tantalizing as the elegance of her surroundings. And when Mickey finally lays eyes on the handsome man on the other end of that voice, she knows her heart is in trouble. But not in as much trouble as the mystery man finds himself. The woman lounging in his bed is gorgeous and Cale has no intention of letting her slip through his fingers. He would chase her to the ends of the earth…if he could… Cale’s wheelchair would definitely be a problem. From the waist up, Cale Windermere is a perfect specimen, but an accident has rendered him “ruined,” in his opinion, from the waist down.

Not only is Hart Broken: A Wounded Hero Romance a terrific romance story, it reflects a genre element rarely explored by contemporary authors. Annie Arcane embraces the world of a physically handicapped character many writers shy away from, especially in romance where characters are physically flawless. A combination of unusual circumstance, entertaining dialogue, tastefully written sex scenes, and realistic emotion, Hart Broken is a worthy read.