Healing Waters

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Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Healing Waters is the fictional story of two sisters, Lucia and Sonia. Lucia lacks self-confidence and sees herself as fat and inferior. She has lived her life waiting on others. Sonia, the beautiful younger sister, is the spokes person for a Christian organization that spread a feel-good message based on false teachings. Sonia teaches that God blessed those who walked closely with Him and if you are having a rough spot then you are not walking close to him. When a plane crash leaves Sonia disfigured, her world begins to crash around her. Lucia comes to her rescue. Through a therapist, Sullivan Crisp, Lucia comes to terms with herself worth. As Sully helps Lucia, he helps himself.

This is the second book in the Women of Faith series. I was mesmerized by this book and read it in one sitting. Lucia is a multifaceted character with deep emotions that she had never really faced. Sonia was a rather shallow person attempting to preach the word of God when she really didn’t know it. There are numerous secondary characters that add a dimension to this tale. Like all of us, each character has flaws, and God uses flawed characters. I eagerly await the next installment in this series.

Molly M. Martinson

I'll admit I'm only half way through this book but it is amazing. I wanted to find out if there were anymore by the same authors.
I randomly grabbed this book at the library b/c it was Christian Fiction. Plus, it received Novel of the Year from Women of Faith. This book grabbed me in the first couple pages and I just can't seem to put it down. It deals with some heavy issues and opens your eyes. I would highly recommend it.


This was my first Women of Faith book. I truly loved it. I felt a connection with the main character in her struggle with her weight. And I loved the fact that the story wasn't all tied up in a nice, neat bow. There were real-life struggles and fears. It was very relevant for today's issues of weight and obesity. Bottom Line: I enjoyed the book and am already reading the second of the series, and loving it.


Nancy has done it again with this second installment in the Sullivan Crisp novels. I read it in two days, reluctant to put it down. As usual with a Nancy Rue novel, I was sorry to get to the end and say good bye to the characters. The development of Sully's storyline told more about his character but also left threads I am eager to see come together in the final book. I tried to anticipate Nancy's surprises, but I couldn't. She's a great plotter. You don't have to read Healing Stones to read this one, but it will tell you more about Sully if you do.

Annette M. Irby

Nancy Rue's & Stephen Arterburn's Sullivan Crisp series is life changing.

They hold up a mirror for you to see yourself reflected, making the characters relatable and then show you how to get free from similar patterns in your own life. This goes beyond the typical fiction reading experience.

Dr. Sullivan Crisp, the psychologist who walks the heroine down her healing path, is a well-painted character. His warmth, intelligence and vulnerability are striking as this book (more than the first) delves deeply into his own personal pain and the search for answers that is his quest. Readers of the first book will view the follow-up to issues touched on in book one. This quirky, God-loving character will make you chuckle even as the poignancy of his insights moves you toward understanding.

I believe readers will relate with the heroine in this book, and if not her, then her sister. With issues like self worth, faith, beliefs regarding God and suffering, this novel touches one something everyone can relate to.

Just like Book One, this fiction transcends fictional entertainment and moves into ministry. Readers will be not only blessed, but changed as they read. That's a rarely achieved goal, but Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn excel. Bring on book three!

Sharon Barnes

Another well-crafted book by Stephen Arterburn and Nancy Rue that I could not put down! Each one of us creates walls, false beliefs and personas to survive. Steve and Nancy draw you into the scenarios of two sisters dealing with these coping mechanisms being revealed and destroyed. You'll join Lucia and Sonia in their quest to respond with courage, letting the healing waters wash away what was and say YES to living life more authentically. An absolutey GREAT read!

Janet K. Mcneil

Being a fan of Steve Arterburn and his New Life Team, I had been hoping for a really, really good book/story that would incorporate some of their valuable counseling examples and advice. Mission accomplished. And, yes, I couldn't put it down!

Georgia Ascherl

This book combines healing Christian psychology principles with a believable plot. It moves the reader on beyond judging and blaming to restoration and healing. I loved it!!

Wendy Lawton

This book satisfies on so many levels. The characters come to life under the gifted pen of Nancy Rue. They serve up the hard questions of suffering vs. healing in a way that lets us explore our own questions. Lucia's struggle with weight and self-worth resonates. I love the gutsy way the story takes us into the world of televangelism, for better and worse. I can't wait to read the others in the series.

S. L. Kleppinger

I have a book club and this the second book we have read in this series. You don't have to read the first book "Healing Stones" to enjoy this one. Although I recommend reading that one as well. It starts with such intensity that I couldn't put it down. I did put it down occasionally, in between the tears, deep thoughts, and my own prayers. Lots of twists and turns. I really identified with the characters. Lucia is insecure about her weight & looks and has a lot of pinned up resentment and unforgiveness. She works with Sullivan Crisp to deal with all her issues. And Sullivan has his things to work and walk out. Not to mention other characters and their issues. This is a must read for anyone who has had some traumatic event happen in their lives, overweight, sick of religiosity, etc. Anyone would enjoy this book, very well written!!

Carrie A. Turansky

Healing Waters has captivating characters and a story line that will keep you turning pages until the very end. Steve Arterburn and Nancy Rue have done an excellent job crafting a story that makes you think deeply about faith and suffering, but you'll also laugh, cry, and wish that it didn't end. The relationship between Lucia and her niece Bethany was very touching. The element of mystery was well woven into the story, and it kept me guessing until almost the last chapter. Well done! I will look forward to the next book in this series.