I AM Teen Becoming A Guided Journal of Self-Discovery & Self-Leadership

Non-Fiction - Self Help
171 Pages
Reviewed on 04/05/2023
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Author Biography

Isa Peguero Friedman is the author of the I AM Teen Becoming book series. She has turned her lifelong passion to mentor teen girls and young women into her legacy project. Her goal is to inspire, challenge and make a positive impact on teen girls of all social and economic backgrounds, guiding them to live authentically through self-discovery, authenticity and self-leadership.

After countless interactions with teen girls of all races, social and economic backgrounds. There was one thing they all shared; a sense of confusion about their individual purpose, self and sense of belonging. The constant message from these teens, “I can’t figure out who I am and where I fit in,” motivated her to do more.

Isa’s personal message and relatable style delivers a positive impact that brings clarity and simplifies the journey of self-awareness and self-leadership guiding teen girls to navigate on a daily basis as they grow and discover that everyone already has their secret recipe to self and happiness; they just need to be guided in the right direction to uncover their purpose and live their most authentic, best life.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Carmen Tenorio for Readers' Favorite

I AM Teen Becoming: A Guided Journal of Self-Discovery & Self-Leadership is the first book in the I AM Teen Becoming series by Isa Peguero Friedman that uses creative journaling techniques for what appears to be a guided and in-depth SWOT analysis for young people. The book steers the reader into learning how one's story came to be by helping one see her/his personality's strengths and weaknesses (S-W), as well as the opportunities and threats to success (O-T) that a young person can both be aware and unaware of as one goes through mindful and deep explorations. The goal of the author is for her audience to seek self-discovery, authenticity, and self-leadership. This is marked by the courage of truly knowing yourself, especially your possibilities and limitations, and acknowledging the influences that molded the positive and negative parts of who we are.

I AM Teen Becoming by Isa Peguero Friedman very much appeals to young girls and teens because it's a journaling exercise that can be a tool for self-expression. It is traditionally guided and illustrated in nature using questions or suggestive prompts, plus instead of just writing, some content can be drawn, which the journalist can complement with notes, annotations, or even some fancy lettering or scribbling that can help in expressing themselves, their feelings and most importantly understanding their emotions. Also, it is therapeutic since it asks one to write about everyday occurrences that make one feel angry, sad, joyful, or anxious. Moreover, the journal encourages the teen to feel that each drawing and little essay they create to remember a particular occasion, item, place or person makes it all the more distinctive and encourages them to recognize their individuality.

Journal writing gives us the focus to help us sort our confused minds and help us to go beyond the distractions, trickery, or lies of manipulated images and information that we are bombarded with so we can get hold of our authentic selves when making choices and living a lifestyle according to who we really are. Integrity is not only an important thing. It is even the healthier option if we want a well-balanced mind and spirit in self-discovery and self-leadership. Young girls and teens heading into puberty or adolescence usually experience a time of identity crisis. Learning self-introspection can give them a greater sense of self, better relationships, and even more solid and better decision-making skills. Identifying your opportunities for success versus any threats you may have can clearly define your directions and preferences. Making a list of your talents and shortcomings can help you know your priorities and open up new possibilities and purpose, especially for young individuals who are just beginning to consider their future. This book can do all of that. Highly recommended for teens to young adults ages 13-18+.