Life Snacks for Women

Life Snacks for Women

Create a Life of Excellence -Tips to Ignite Your Spirit and Inspire Your Life

Non-Fiction - Inspirational
116 Pages
Reviewed on 05/08/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Barbara Fanson for Readers' Favorite

Life Snacks for Women is an easy-to-read collection of bite-sized tidbits of information and motivation. Author Sharon Burstein offers friendly reminders to inspire women—and men—of all ages. Glancing at the Table of Contents, the title of each chapter contains one word that is alphabetically arranged, as if those are the steps one should take on their way to excellence: Accept, Accomplish, Achieve, etc. Cool! Besides the 69 chapters arranged from A to W, this book includes other helpful phrases and worksheets. Burstein has coined a new word: younique! Love it! I think I’ll print out the 10 Point Action Plan for Life and tape it to my mirror to remind myself every morning. She encourages women to write down their dreams and goals to make real. Whatever you conceive, you can achieve.

The wonderful gray scale images of the candy bar and candy have high contrast and leap off the page. The illustrations with tones of gray are well drawn with plenty of color—even though it’s a black and white book. Even the photographs are sharp and have good contrast between the highlights and the shadows. The formatting and layout of the book with its Optima typeface, extra leading, and extra space between paragraphs make this a friendly, easy-to-read book. Life Snacks for Women contains helpful reminders like “affection moves in two directions” or “It is not how big a step you take each day toward your goal, but that you continue to move forward to success.” Occasionally, author Sharon Burstein instructs us to make a list - write it down - so Life Snacks for Women is an instructional workbook as well. Looking for a graduation gift? Look no further … Life Snacks for Women should be given to all young women or women who just need a reminder. Enjoy every morsel. Thank you for the reminders and inspiring words.

Kristen Van Kampen (Teen Reviewer)

Life Snacks for Women: Create a Life of Excellence -Tips to Ignite Your Spirit and Inspire Your Life by Sharon Burstein is an inspirational book that helps to encourage and inspire readers of all ages. The book helps the reader to be the best they can be. It teaches the importance of setting goals for yourself, as well as having and following dreams. The author discusses why smiling and laughter are important, and the role humor should play in people's lives. The author also mentions multitasking, and how it should be done, as well as the idea of quality over quantity. This book teaches that we should always motivate and encourage others, as well as compliment as many people as we can. What else will this book teach?

I really enjoyed reading Life Snacks for Women by Sharon Burstein. The book is very well written and descriptive. It would be really great for everyone to read, because this book is very encouraging and inspirational, and makes the reader the best, nicest person they can be. If more people were to read this book, the world would probably be a much better place. The occasional photographs are very beautiful, and relate to the topic very well. Also, sometimes the pictures are adorable, like the one of a cat. I liked that the book consists of short pages on each topic, and would be easy to read, even if you didn't have much time. I also liked that the topics are in alphabetical order. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.