Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II

Fiction - Mystery - Murder
239 Pages
Reviewed on 06/09/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Danita Dyess for Readers' Favorite

Who killed Brian Sinclair, the illustrious founder of Sinclair Records? That is the question for readers to ponder in Stephen Murray's Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II. This whodunit story has the usual suspects. Sylvia Sinclair, Brian's wife and hostess of their silver wedding anniversary aboard the high seas. But she was not the last one with him. Maria and her award-winning-singer-turned-alcoholic husband had motive: failure to renew a contract. But David learned that Brian slept with his wife, Laura. Brian also had sex with Jill. She was the girlfriend of his son, Robin. However, Brian's pregnant daughter, Stephanie, had been cut off from his estate. Could Brian's death be traced to his involvement in his business partner's suspicious murder 20 years ago, as Denise Parker, his former scorned fiancee, suspects ... or are there more clues yet to be discovered?

The book cover has an artistically depicted martini and pearls that were flavored with a vintage style. Stephen Murray created believable dialogue that enthralled me from the first page. The characters were so colorful, multidimensional and flawed. I loved Sylvia and her refined etiquette, and indulged in Denise Parker's bravado and manipulations. The pace was fast and the tension was perfect. The backdrop of a cruise ship was ideal. Although the plot is classic, it has a modern twist. The detailed imagery of this affluent family's lifestyle swept me away and into their elite world. Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II is highly recommended.