Paris for Life

Notes From a Lifetime in and out of Paris

Non-Fiction - Memoir
244 Pages
Reviewed on 11/11/2023
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Author Biography

Barry Frangipane doesn’t write books — he simply puts pen to paper and lets his life (and sense of humor) spill onto the page. Born in New Jersey, USA, Barry became infected with wanderlust in his youth and has failed to find a cure ever since. He has travelled extensively, operated an exclusive European tour company, and eaten more crêpes than he cares to mention. Most recently he found himself captivated by Liguria, Italy, and is now retired there with his wife. Barry claims to know French, Italian, English and the names of several other languages.

When a Swiss girl invited me to spend a year in Paris at 21 years old, how could I refuse? Little did I know that I would wind up between police and rioters with shots being fired, narrowly escaping a terrorist bombing, and begging for food. And helping to save the home of the world’s most famous mime from foreclosure.

I wrote Paris for Life to show how taking a chance can change your life, or if you’re not careful, possibly end it altogether.” —Barry Frangipane

    Book Review

Reviewed by Foluso Falaye for Readers' Favorite

In Paris for Life: Notes From a Lifetime in and out of Paris, Barry Frangipane shares his delightful explorations of Parisian art, culture, and history. Barry's early fascination with Paris compelled him to return to the city decades later with his family. We see him as a shy 21-year-old who was hesitant to profess his love during his early stay in Paris. We also see him as a father and husband whose sense of adventure was still very much alive 45 years after his first visit. His first visit involved him learning French by participating in a fake robbery and other fun exercises in an exciting French class. From struggling with money and job applications in a foreign country with a different language to being locked out of his apartment while in a food coma, Paris for Life offers readers several fascinating stories.

Barry Frangipane writes concisely while making sure to include interesting details from his travels, whether he is discussing Claude ​Monet's famous paintings in Port Coton or narrating his visit to a little-known ​memorial to the French who were victims of the Nazis in World ​War II. The clear descriptions ensure readers get the most vivid travel experience possible from a book. Even the language used in narrating the story is a pleasure to read. A good example states, "All noise of ​​Paris disappeared, replaced by a deafening silence." The amazing characters add to this memoir's irresistible features. One is Marie-Christine Thieblemont, who enjoyed working seven days a week as a bouquiniste. I was completely captivated by the book from start to finish and recommend all travel enthusiasts read it. Don't miss out on Paris for Life: a book that's educative, exquisite, and richly adorned with travel thrills.

John Clements

I read an Advance Reader Copy of Frangipane’s book Paris for Life.

Pure joy to read. Frangipane transports you to his youthful innocence when he first fell in love with Paris, when everything about life is surprising and exciting. There is so much in this book to delight your heart.

I could feel my heart racing as I devoured the pages, both wanting to find out how this love story ended and not wanting the book to finish - an often experienced paradox with a book you cannot put down - just like life itself. The final pages were a little blurry through the water welling in my eyes.