Pocket Money for Maddee

Pocket Money for Maddee

The Pocket Money Books

Children - Educational
42 Pages
Reviewed on 04/26/2017
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Reviewed by Gisela Dixon for Readers' Favorite

Pocket Money for Maddee: The Pocket Money Books by Patricia Crosby is an educational children’s book that is the first in this series. Pocket Money for Maddee teaches kids the importance of doing chores, earning their own pocket money, and spending and saving it wisely. Maddee is a young girl who wants to start earning pocket money and the story starts off with a talk between her and her mother on what chores Maddee needs to complete in order to earn money. Maddee has a list of chores such as making her bed, tidying her room, feeding the dog, etc. After her first successful week, Maddee is happy to get her pocket money, but spends it all on sweets and has nothing left. Next week, she decides to save some money for the future in her piggy bank and also for special occasions, and asks her daddy for help. In this way, Maddee learns the importance of spending wisely and always saving for the future.

This is a cute book that is both fun and educational. Indeed, managing money and finances is a topic that most adults need help with, and so it is an excellent idea to start early and teach children the importance of saving. The writing is simple and easy to understand so that even young kids can read this book on their own. Parents may also enjoy reading it aloud to them. The illustrations are bright and fun, and really complement the story and writing. Pocket Money for Maddee: The Pocket Money Books by Patricia Crosby is a great book for young children and I would recommend it.