Rebecca Steele Chasing a Dream

Rebecca Steele Chasing a Dream

A Look Behind the Scenes at the United States Silver Eagles

Romance - General
248 Pages
Reviewed on 07/17/2017
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Author Biography

Retired after a long career with the airlines, I now enjoy life with my three shelties and spending time with friends and family. I am an active blogger on Facebook and comment daily on a live popular television soap opera.
The original manuscript for this book was written in the early 70's and immediately hidden away in a closet until last year.
It has been resurrected, completely rewritten and brought into the present time. It seemed like the right time to share this story.

Throughout my life I have traveled far and wide and currently reside in upstate New York where I love the change of seasons and the beautiful countryside.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Rebecca Steele Chasing a Dream: A Look Behind the Scenes at the United States Silver Eagles is a romance novel written by Joanne Patterson. Becky and her friend, Emily, had been enjoying the sun, sand and surf of a Miami beach when they realized they had better get ready for work. Being employed by an airline meant they could travel just about anywhere they wanted -- with the proviso that they were not to be late getting back to work. This time, they were just beginning to feel as though they had left it a bit too late when their cabbie told them that they needn’t worry. Their 3:30 p.m. plane would be delayed for about an hour, as would all the other flights departing Miami International, due to the air show that was taking place at 3:00 p.m. The show was featuring the United States Silver Eagles, and it was a big deal, attracting people from all over the states. The cabbie even gave them directions so they could get right up close to the action. He had steered them well -- Becky and Emily were amazed at how close they had actually gotten. They watched as the handsome pilots, all dressed up in their uniforms, got ready for takeoff in those silver and blue jets. The show was fantastic, but, as the two young women got ready for their flight, Becky’s boarding pass flew off in a breeze. One of the Silver Eagles caught it with his boot, picked it up and brought it over to her with a smile. Becky was spellbound by him; the instant attraction she felt was so intense. But Becky and Emily laughed at the idea of the thousands of adoring female fans these pilots must have, and Becky ruefully realized that she’d never have a chance.

Joanne Patterson’s military romance novel, Rebecca Steele Chasing a Dream: A Look Behind the Scenes at the United States Silver Eagles, is a poignant look at a romance from the past and a revisiting of those heady times Becky and Johnny shared during their improbable romance. Patterson’s tale is a sweet and enthralling one as Becky follows Johnny across the country, and the depth of their feelings for each other becomes more and more apparent. I particularly enjoyed vicariously experiencing Becky’s adventures as she travels to the different venues where the Eagles perform, and where she almost seems to become a part of the Eagles team itself. Through her story and the repeated refrain of the Carpenter song, Superstar, Patterson gives profound insights into the excitement, thrills and fears shared by groupies and other followers of musical groups and stars, and in this case, a flight team. Patterson’s characters are well-developed, and it’s quite easy to get involved in their stories, and her writing is smooth and assured. Rebecca Steele Chasing a Dream: A Look Behind the Scenes at the United States Silver Eagles is a fun read that works perfectly in all the right ways. It’s most highly recommended.

Rebecca Steele Chasing a Dream

Thank you Jack Magnum for your very complimentary review of my book. I loved reading about Becky and her adventures through your eyes. You captured her struggles and triumphs beautifully. I especially liked your reference to the song "Superstar" and the significance it played in the story. The book was such fun to write and I'm glad you thought it was fun to read. I'm very proud and honored to have my first novel featured on your site.

Thank you again.

Joanne Patterson

Kathy Bodovetz

Loved this book. Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen the author made me think something else would happen. I was happy, then I was angry at one of the characters, then I was sad. I didn't figure the plot out and usually I can. Truly love this author and hope to see her write another book.

Alisa Grinnals

This book is beautifully written and keeps the reader engaged from beginning to end. The characters were very real and the author did an amazing job of developing their relationships. Great job Joanne Patterson on her first book. I love how she honestly shares her heart and soul for this story to her readers.

Sarah Fox

Anyone who likes a good love story will love this book. The twists and turns all lead the reader to a happy and unexpected ending.

Sheryl Falso

Great love story. Couldn't put it down. Young people in love can be so naive. Would love another book to,follow Becky.

Kindle customer

I really enjoyed this story about how life can put the right people in your life early on, but discovery can be fleeting, if at all. Interest characters and can be read in one sitting, if that's appealing to some. Hoping for a Rebecca Steele sequel.

Anne Walter

For anyone who remembers that dream come true kind of romance, this book is for you. I instantly connected with Rebecca and I felt myself both rooting for her as well as cautioning her as she searched for love and success. I enjoyed this book and I find myself wanting to read more about Rebecca Steele.


This book was great. It was different from other books that I usually read. I enjoyed it. It is a quick read and I don't think you will be disappointed with it at all. Give it a shot.

Wendy S.

Great read! Finished it in two sittings. I found it hard to,put down. Chasing a Dream is a wonderful love story with just the right amount of twists and turns. Can't wait for the sequel!


I read this book in a day. It was really good and I enjoyed reading it. It was easy to get lost in it and imagine a different time. I highly recommend reading it. :-)

Annette Milano

It is a fabulous book which I thoroughly enjoyed. Don't wait to, get your copy!


Great story of a Dream remembered and followed.

Julie Procopio

I couldn't put this book down -loved it! A wonderful,first book from author Joanne Patterson. A beautifully written story full of emotion, transformation and surprises!

Carol Locke

Excellent read. Hard to believe first book from this writer. Hope there is more books to come!

Kent Reilly

Great portrayal of the 1960's life of airline people and how things were.


what an asventure Rebecca was on trying to find that soul mate! As the story progressed it took many different twists! This was a great read and I am looking forward to another story from Joanne. Please don't take years and years to publish your next shared adventure.

Jeanne Estes

The author takes us with Becky on that emotional roller coaster ride from youthful expectation to heart wrenching disappointment to eventual joy of heart. Great read Joanne!

Amazon customer

Loved it! Really enjoyed the love story and how it kept me guessing the whole time .. I couldn't put it down!

Amazon customer

It's a good thing that Joanne Patterson listened to the "whispers of her heart" and shared this story - bravo for her first book that kept me turning the pages to see where her characters would end up! Keep writing, and May there be more Rebecca Steele's fulfilling their dreams!

Amazon customer

I came back from Australia and couldn't sleep so I started this book thinking I would put it down. OMG I read the entire book in one night, it didn't even matter that I only got three hours of sleep,that night, it was so worth it. I loved this book, it's really an amazing journey of love and life. Thank younforvsharing your great words with all of us.

Amazon customer

Wow a really good book! Just read the whole thing in one sitting. Stopped long enough to get something to drink and sat back down to finish! Wonderful Joanne, just wonderful!! Wowee

Anne W.

It had been a while since I had the time to actually read a book, being the stay at home mom of two kids. Once I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down. It held my attention in such a way and made me even think back about my own life and relationships I have had. It is definitely a book all women can relate to and you will find yourself hoping the book ends a certain way .. and the author just makes it better than one could even had imagined on their own. I definitely recommend this book. I'm going to read it again. I have never read a book twice.. guess there is a first time for everything.

T. Cowin

I loved this book. Great read.

Buzz -Amazon Reviewer

I received this book for free. My opinion is my own. A lot of twists and turns and. Well written book. Becky is dynamic and a blast to read about. An emotional roller coaster. Strong romance book that I would recommend.

Natalia Excobar. Amazon reviewer

I received this book for free. This is an uplifting tale. It's about hitting a low in life and finding hope and love. Motivational I would say. I enjoyed the read and would recommend. Some great twists and turns and I had a blast reading it.

amazon reviewer

I reviewed this book for free. It's an emotional roller coaster. Sad, mad happy! Just as you feel you have a grasp for where the story is going, the author flips it around. I would recommend this read. Becky is a great character and it's a well written thrill ride.

Kindle reviewer V.E.

Rebecca Steele Chasing a Dream is indeed a love story. Influenced by a love song that prompted a wonderful memory, the author writes a story close to her heart, which is infused with the traditions of military life. When Becky, an airline ticket agent and her best friend are in Miami on vacation and attend an air show, life changes in a big way. This story is the heartfelt, emotional journey of Becky as she conquers not only love but other life transitions as well. Her love affair with Johnny is poignant, heady , and well described; it feels real and intense. This book is a true romance at it’s heart, without relying on gimmicks and overt sexual overtones , which is rare these days. Highly recommend for an uplifting story from a skilled and thoughtful writer.

Grady Harp -Kindle reviewer

From the review by Grady Harp ...New York author Joanne Patterson makes her writing debut with this novel and carries the credentials to make her story credible. Her career has been with the airlines, and now retired, she focuses on her passion for animals and holistic medicine and has become an animal reiki practitioner treating and helping animals in need. Now she turns to writing.

Joanne’s novel is a love story, but a love story that is influenced by military life and traditions and customs - and it is a true story as we learn from Joanne’s note to us: “Many of us have stories tucked away in the archives of our memory. Some life events can be so overwhelming that we tend to hide them even from ourselves in an effort not to relive them. One night not so very long ago, an old favorite song stirred my memory as I sat i my living room watching television. The song reminded me of a time when I fell head over heels in love with a very special man. That one song changed my life and hearing it again changed my life again. The song accompanied me on my path to love. It would come to transform my career. Most importantly the song brought back to me the memory of a most amazing love affair, clear and powerful. The song is the reason for this book, my forgotten testament to love, which was hidden from my own view for the better part of two decades. I never shared it with anyone, but I can keep it a secret no longer. It seems like yesterday. The ten planes. The desert sun. The man. The smile. The chase. Oh I must stop writing to you now as my heart has filled and my pulse races just as it did back then when I think of him! The whisper of my heart tells me to share my story with you now, so I will.”

A true romance, this, and one that is refreshingly free of erotica and gimmicks that often cover the fallibility of the writer. This is a romance, a true romance, that is at once tender and heart wrenching..