Red Nexus

Red Nexus

Young Adult - Sci-Fi
258 Pages
Reviewed on 06/24/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite

Red Nexus is my kind of novel. I have missed the days when William Gibson and his cyber punk revolution burst onto the scene. I loved this sub-genre and I have eagerly searched for comparable works. But I want them to be quality works. I want them to display a believable world where life is realistically tough, but all hope has not been lost, and love, real love is still possible. This is the world of Red Nexus by Benoit Chartier. I loved this gritty world. The setting can bring so much power to a novel like this, and Benoit Chartier knows how to bring a setting to life. I can see it, feel it, smell it, all in my mind. I would love to see it portrayed accurately on the big screen. I can easily see Keanu Reeves zipping around this world in a movie.

The writing in Red Nexus is superb. There is nothing else you can really say about it. A lot of science fiction writers rush through the story, focusing on the plot at the expense of the setting. This is not the case in Red Nexus. Benoit Chartier knows that in order to get into the story, you must first get into the world. I loved Wen. Through all the trouble and hardship, he retains a nobility that anyone can relate to. All the other characters are as equally fleshed out. Good or bad, we can see their motivations. We can cheer for them or boo them, but we cannot stop reading about them. That is what a good book is all about.


Awesome book.