Rise of the Jackal King

Songs of the Osirian Book 2

Fiction - Fantasy - Epic
304 Pages
Reviewed on 09/18/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

The battle of The Prison of Light was fought four years ago, and it feels like it was just yesterday. The men of the dark lands still struggle with their lives while others thrive. The archaeologist, Dr. Mary Wilson, knows that something isn’t right when she begins to have the same dreams and visions like the Prince of Shadows. While she is trying to decipher the hidden import of the phenomenon, the goddess Neith unleashes an ancient protector, strong enough to vanquish an entire army. But can Mary defeat the monster alone? Can her archaeological skills lead her to the weapon that will vanquish the monster? This adventure follows a journey into the Tomb of Horus, the place they hope to unlock the secret Songs of the Osirian and persuade the Jackal King to wake up.

Rise of the Jackal King by Christopher D Abbott is a marvelous book in the Songs of the Osirian series, an epic fantasy that will have a great appeal to fans of Egyptology, a story that links the present to the beauty of a mythical past. In Christopher D Abbott’s narrative voice, myth comes alive, and the reader is immediately thrust into an ancient world where mystery and power abound. It’s a story that features mortals and gods fighting side by side, an adventure set against the backdrop of an Egypt that readers have only read about in myth and ancient history. The writing has a magical feel to it, with powerful descriptions that make the setting vivid in the reader’s mind. I loved the characters, and Mary Wilson won my heart the moment I discovered her. Rise of the Jackal King is a mesmerizing read, wonderfully plotted, and driven by a conflict that is monumental. As I read, I could see the action taking place within my mind like a movie.

Dave McPhearson

Pre-ordered. Very cool cover.