Sadie the Skunk

Children - Animals
32 Pages
Reviewed on 12/27/2013
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Author Biography

Meaghan Fisher is an Award Winning Author that has over ten years experience working with children. She has a BS in Psychology and a Minor in Women’s Studies. Meaghan has seven published children’s books and several Five Star Reviews from Readers Favorite and an Award of Best Picture Book of the Year: 2013 for her Mousekabitz book. All of her children’s books contain moral lessons and values sometimes overlooked in the world we live in today. Her books are written in the hopes to inspire parents to want to teach their children to be better people through the moral lessons in her books. Meaghan has written: Sadie the Skunk, Lars the Monkey Flies a WACO Airplane, I Love Ladybugs, Giuseppe’s Famous Pizza Pies, Mousekabitz, Tyler the Fish Saves Lake Erie, If I could Pull the Moon from the Sky & Owlie Learns to Fly! Coming Soon: The Strawberry Festival!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

One day Sadie was playing in the woods with a cute little black kitten. The kitten asked Sadie why she was different. Sadie’s legs were short and her tail was long, thick and fluffy. Sadie went to her mother and father and asked them why she was different. They explained to her how they took her in when they found her wandering in the woods. She became one of their own. She wanted to know who she was and her father agreed to help her find out. He told her that Mr. Groundhog would be able to help her. At first Mr. Groundhog told her she was a squirrel, but she couldn’t climb a tree so she couldn’t be a squirrel. Then he told her she was a sparrow, but she didn’t have wings so she couldn’t be a bird. Then he told her she was a beaver, but she didn’t have a large flat tail so she couldn’t be a beaver. I wonder what kind of animal Sadie is?

Sadie the Skunk is a cute tale about a skunk, raised by a family of cats, searching for her family. Sadie the Skunk was written by Meaghan Fisher and illustrated by Marla Fair. The illustrations are beautifully done. The colors are bright and eye catching. Sadie the Skunk is an adorable tale. Children will love Sadie and will learn a little about each animal in the story. This 35-page book is sure to appeal to children from preschool to third grade.

Nancy Rectenwald

Meghan Fisher is an accomplished children's author. Her books always tell a story that teach a moral example. Sadie the Skunk is no exception. A must read for children.

Nancy Rectenwald

Sadie the Skunk is delightful as you follow Sadie and Mr. Groundhog thru the woods trying to find who he really is. It encourages young children to continue even if at first you don't succeed.