Sanat Kumara

Dictations through the Messenger Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina (from 2005 through 2015) (Masters of Wisdom) (Volume 2)

Non-Fiction - Spiritual/Supernatural
250 Pages
Reviewed on 05/21/2020
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Author Biography

Tatyana Mickushina is a Russian ​philosopher​, ​​writer, public figure, spiritual leader, and founder of spiritual Teaching, aimed at restoring morality in society.​
​From 2004 to the present, Tatyana has written over 70 books on spiritual, philosophical and moral topics.
​Her books have been translated into 20 languages, and published in 11 languages in Europe and the USA.

Tatyana was born in 1958 in Omsk, Russia. Her thoughts about God and the meaning of life were deeply affected by sports injury that led to a week-long period of dangling between life and death.

After graduating with honors from the Polytechnic University, Tatyana worked in space technology​.​ She kept interest in spiritual teachings and started practicing meditation.
Tatyana wrote her books through inspiration from almost 500 conversations with Teachers of Mankind. Her works received many reviews from public figures/scientists.

Her first book, Good and Evil: An individual interpretation of ‘The Secret Doctrine’ by Helena P. Blavatsky (2004) gives an original interpretation of the “fall of angels” and “the rebellion of Lucifer”.
Tatyana's works also focus on non-violence.
One of her fundamental works is Words of Wisdom, published in 5 volumes.

After its first Congress in 2014, her “Morality Movement”, requested UN Secretary General and participating politicians to promote true moral/spiritual principles.
Tatyana gives seminars/interviews across Russia and Europe.

In 2017, she was awarded the Order of the Russian Land “for contribution to the spiritual and moral revival of Russia”.

She obtained 5-star reviews from Readers' Favorite for Treasures of Divine Wisdom (2019), Sanat Kumara (2020), Maitreya (2021), Moyra Bronze Medal Winner(2022).

    Book Review

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Sanat Kumara: Dictations Through the Messenger Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina by Tatyana N. Mickushina is a profound and insightful book that speaks about the greatness of Sanat Kumara and his Divine Energy, and his teachings. Sanat Kumara has been doing His service to the planet for millions of years. He has been crucified on the cross of matter so that souls could strengthen and take responsibility for their own evolution and for the planet. His messages to humanity are inspiring and motivating, and reading them is a good way for readers to learn about the happenings in the physical and spiritual realms. Reading this book is a good way to elevate spiritually and also to understand shortcomings and make the transition to spiritual development peacefully.

The author, who has been working under the guidance of Sanat Kumara, does an excellent job conveying these messages to readers in a simple way which can be comprehended easily and put into practice. The teachings are also a good way of showing the difficult phase Earth is transitioning through and the importance of balancing the planet. The teachings of Sanat Kumara will help readers to look at having a relationship with God and the Higher Self. It is also a good way to learn about the laws of karma and the divine laws of this universe. The book will encourage readers to look at the beauty around them, like nature, art, music, and avoid imperfections. It is also a good manual to comprehend divine reality, which is another world that exists simultaneously with the world everyone lives in. Sanat Kumara is for those who are inclined towards spirituality because there is a lot of information that requires re-reading. The teachings will also motivate readers to listen to their inner voice and spread love and light to everyone around them, irrespective of whether their efforts are appreciated.

Natasha Zwanck, Canada

Initially, my attention was drawn to the unusual image of Sanat Kumara on the cover of the book “Sanat Kumara” by Tatyana N. Mickushina. His eyes penetrated right into my heart and I realised that there was an unknown world behind them.
I started reading the very first message and it completely resonated with me. I had a striking thought, “I have been searching for this knowledge for a very long time!” Since then, Sanat Kumara, one of the remarkable Ascended Masters, became an inseparable part of my life. The book started changing my perception of life and of other people, bringing total transformation within me. As I was changing my own views, the outer world started changing too. These were totally favorable changes. It says in one of Sanat Kumara’s messages: “...the more systematically you read these dictations, the more effect you will attain in the expansion of your consciousness”
I also realised my responsibility for the destiny of our entire world. In his dictations, Sanat Kumara alerts us about severe times approaching the planet. He teaches us how to handle the difficult situation when the scale of the negative energies created by people comes in opposition to the rising vibrations on the planet. Sanat Kumara points out that there is the Law of free will that governs in the universe. Humanity has created negative karma with their previously made wrong choices. It is high time for people to stop rocking the boat under their own ignorance. That is why this book is so helpful for us; the knowledge given by the Ascended Masters can help us to bring back the balance to the Earth with our inner achievements.
The book “Sanat Kumara” by Tatyana N. Mickushina is a real helping hand because it teaches us how to acquire our strength as divine creatures and save our planet from destruction.


This is one of the most powerful books, I've ever read. It's charged with strong light energies of this High Spirit Sanat Kumara, thank to whom we are actually all incarnated now on the planet.

“In ancient times, the situation on the planet started to deteriorate. No one could keep and maintain their Divine natures anymore. Even the lower chakras could not sustain the vibrations of the Spirit anymore.
According to the Law, a world that had torn itself from God was liable for destruction as an unsuccessful civilization.

God had already planned a new lila for planet Earth.

However, a very high individuality vouched for the planet and for its evolutions.

Literally, in the last moment the decision was made: The evolutions of planet Earth would continue to exist but only if there was at least one being in embodiment on Earth who could sustain the level of the Divine consciousness.

The first to assume the cross of incarnation on the dark planet was Sanat Kumara. He sacrificed all of His attainments in order to come into incarnation and to give the Divine principles of government and understanding of the Divine Law to the evolutions of planet Earth.

Thanks to this great deed of Spirit, millions of lifestreams were able to continue the evolution on planet Earth.”



When I want to be embraced by energy of High spirit Sanat Kumara the easiest I can do is to read this wonderful book. All His Messages are collected in this book. They are so nurishing and educating to my soul!


Wow! Wonderful and extremely interesting book.Will bring you to your Heart Space. Will expand your Consciousness. This Divine Being, The Great Spirit, The Ancient of Days, has been watching over humanity all these years with the deepest and loving concern in His Big Heart in the hope that we all make it on the Path. This is a book to be savored, studied, read and reread. There are so many layers of meaning, something new is there every time I return to this great treasure. It shows the Path of Truth. The density and depth of each Message indicate the origin from the highest source. This book change my life and it will definitely change yours. I highly recommend to read all books written by this author.

A great read

This book gives inspiration and guidance for living and evolving.
A must read for those on the spiritual path!

Lubna Aridi

when the holy name of Sanat Kumara and his Great deed becomes widely known , when the messages of Sanat Kumara and other Masters of Wisdom are attracted to every person from the pages of the books then humanity cannot just keep being bound up in the interests of just the physical plane...

a goal and a sense of purpose in people's lives are to establish and maintain a connection with the higher worlds in their consciousness. when a sufficient number of people are able to go up to the highest worlds in their consciousness , all the godlike changes will begin happening in the world . just by the power of changing our consciousness we will be able to reform the physical world and carry out our evolutionary missions.

so let's change our consciousness by using the pricless tools that Master of wisdom , Sanat Kumara , offered us in his messages ...

Maria, Chicago, USA

This precious book "Sanat Kumara" is my prayer book.  

Every day I turn to this Great Spirit Who came to our then dark planet millions of years ago and saved humanity from non-existence!

Even in our time this High individuality of Sanat Kumara will not abandon humanity. 

His words to us are in the book "Sanat Kumara":
“…I appeal to those who are ready, to My children, with whom I have been working for many incarnations.I come to you again, My beloved, nestlings from My eagle's nest. I have nurtured you with the wisdom of the ages, and I have imbued you with the Divine Energy of Light.----A crucial part of the Path has begun for you. And from you will be required the maximum exertion of all your strengths and all your abilities that you have developed in previous incarnations.” 

Sanat Kumara also said: 
 “...every time doubts overtake you and the mist of illusion thickens, keep My image in front of you. I am putting My presence on this image of Mine, and every time you look at My image in difficult moments of your life, I will be able to provide you with effective assistance through this image of Mine.   In your world, it is just My image; in My world, on the other side of My image, it is My hand extended to you, holding onto which you are able to get out of a difficult life situation or an inferior state of consciousness."

And every day I turn to Him for advice, help and support, Looking at His magical Image , I always feel that He is with me, that He guides me along the right Path, and I feel His Love and Blessing!  

God bless the author of this book Tatyana Mikushina, who brought this priceless Knowledge to Earth at this difficult time for mankind!

nuha ali -syria :lattakia

The book of Sanat Kumara becomes a part of my life and teach me how to deal with other people around me. Because of it, I give attention to the real reason we are born.

Rania Ali,Tartus,Syria

Love and gratefulness is what we feel when I read these messges..beloved Samat kumara our souls know you,follow you to be in God.

Souad Alaous

What a great book, how beautiful and real information, very close to our souls, uplifting our consciousness and make us closer to our high selves. Thank you Sanat Kumara


This book is so inspiring. Sanat Kumara is known in Western Scriptures as the Ancient of Days, in Hindu scripture as Karttikeya, and in Buddhism as Brahma Sanam-kumara.
It shows his true desire to help people. I highly recommend this book.


This book is a real find for me. It's not just to be read once, this is a real guide for life.
The level of consciousness rises and the attitude towards situations and people around changes. The life becomes better when there is a space to apply true knowledge.
 There are many books at the present time, but very few are truly wise and "alive".

Blessed is the person who met these Messages, by reading Them life changes for the better.
I am happy that I finally met this book as well as other books by this author.

I loved a lot

".....There can never be too much of any of the Divine qualities. Your world is in such need of Divine vibrations and Divine qualities that throughout the day, you can pour out your Perfection, Goodness, and Love, and the world will be grateful to you.”

Julia Zaitseva

The book "Sanat Kumara" by Tatyana N. Mickushina has become required reading for me. All the recommendations and guidelines of Sanat Kumara are vital and necessary in our time.
“To look at the world as if through a screen, as if you are in a theater and the people around you are actors” - this recommendation radically changed my attitude toward life, a sense of the temporality of any events came, which means that my reaction to them changed as well. Inner peace has come! Each Message gives strength and Energy! They also give answers to any questions, and the use of advice and recommendations radically changes consciousness and the whole life.


Incredible discoveries that changed my whole life.

This book not only raises your consciousness, but you can also feel the vibrations, and in some moments I could even feel my heart opening. 
Deep knowledge, yet practical and useful in everyday situations.
This is from a great Divine being who is helping humanity. 
If you found this book or rather, this book found you, it means that you are ready for something higher. I know this because it happened to me. I stopped looking for other books because absolutely everything - all the answers to my deepest questions I found here in this book. I have the feeling that I have been blessed. 
I hope that everyone will come across this book sooner or later, and become happier by understanding themselves, and the Laws of life.

For example, this muse on fall to thinking

"... Each cataclysm, each natural disaster is a consequence of your imperfect consciousness. In truth, you reap the fruit of your disobedience, egoism, and obstinacy when you face these manifestations of the elements.

The information field of mankind and the information field of Earth are very closely connected and intertwined.

Therefore any imperfect thought affects the entire planet, bypassing the entire globe and entering into resonance with similar imperfect thoughts and feelings.

In the same way, thoughts appealing to Weal and Good — positive thought-forms and emotions — add stability to the whole planet and contribute to the alignment of the Earth’s axis.

Billions of Cosmic Beings are ready to serve tirelessly, day and night to let you exist and evolve in peace, to balance and prevent many possible catastrophes and cataclysms.

This is also the help which you can render to the Ascended Hosts.

Meditate on Good, Weal, and Love. Keep inner peace and calmness. Each of you must become a foothold on Earth, a conductor of Light, that will help balance the planet and provide the inflow of Light necessary for Earth to ascend to the next evolutionary level..."


A lifeline in trying times.

The practical Wisdom contained in this work aligns us with eternal values, and inspires us to live and act according to these values.

An important book for all serious students.


This book is like a Bible for modern times. That is why it can be read and re-read, and each time more and more understanding comes in.

These are words that explain both internal and external knowledge.

I perceive the underlying vibration, and that gives me a feeling of warmth and care.​ All truths are embedded in these dictations.​ Everyone will feel something special for themselves.

I take Sanat Kumara as our savior, who took on the mission of saving humanity.

I can feel it and am very grateful.

When I am reading this book, I get such inspiration, wisdom, and the desire to live differently.

"Whenever any oppressive energies of the world try to take control of your being, you must remember that it is your duty not to surrender to those energies. Any negative energies of the past that are in your world and densely encircle you have to be surmounted by you with the help of your inner efforts.

Now the time has come for you to act. Your inner attainments, which are manifested as the flames of your heart, the radiance of your aura, and a halo around your head must be used by you now. Any negative quality that comes to the surface from within you or comes to you from the surrounding space requires your immediate work to neutralize the negativity.

This is the inner work in the plane of thoughts and in the emotional and astral planes. This is the work of your concealed spiritual muscles that you had to develop during all these years when you were reading our Messages.

It is exactly now that you must work hard. The future of planet Earth depends on the effectiveness of the work that you are doing now to surmount any negative states.

If you manage to cope with any negativity that is hovering around you and if you surmount any negative states of your consciousness, it will serve as a guarantee that no natural calamity, ecological catastrophe, or social coup will precipitate onto the physical plane.

The subtle work on the transformation of your own consciousness and subconsciousness is able to prevent any disaster."


is impossible to describe in a few words how the books of this wonderful author changed my life. I found answers to many of my questions.
 and this book made a special impression on me. This book seems to be talking to me, I am feeling it. I am happy that meat.
Highly recommended!

Regina Jyoti

This book is really a precious find, it is alive, I feel that it is talking to me and answering my questions. It helps to get out of a negative state, gives peace of mind and understanding of what is happening in this world.

Sanat Kumara said:

"Whenever doubts overtake  you, and the fog of Illusion thickens, keep my image in front of you

 I'm putting my presence on this image, and each time that you look at it in difficult moments of your life, I will be able to provide you with effective assistance through this image.

In your world it is just my image, in my world, on the other side of my image, it is my hand sketched out to you, and holding it you can get out of a difficult life situation or a bad state of consciousness"

It’s totally true!!!!


Great book


Absolute Leader in the field of spiritual enlightenment and spiritual growth.
It is a union of all aspects of human activity, philosophy, psychology, spirituality.
Definitely raises consciousness, makes me think.
For example this...

"Never stop aspiring. Never allow the allusion to capture your Consciousness completely.

I have come to remind you that  now very much, if not everything depends on each of you who are in embodiment.

Stop evading the task of Evolution, stop hiding in your safe nooks and continuing secretly to play your childish games. You have already grown out of all the possible limits when it was necessary for you to master our Teaching.

Now I have to tell you with full responsibility that the whole world and its destiny depends on those few who have come into embodiment exactly in this time with a definite Mission and goal but who have been carried away with games in the allusion to such an extent that they have missed all the given deadlines. We are facing the need to either extend  the terms or make you awaken from your lethargy by force."

 I highly recommend everyone to purchase this book!!!

Irina Ananda Suder

This amazing book is deeply beyond my imagination
Penetrates into my Soul, touches my heart.
Every time I read this book, I get answers to all my questions. Absolutely awesome. This Sacred Book is a sacred book vibrating at high frequencies, expanding consciousness at all levels of Being.,This book Leading to a state of stillness and inner peace, allowing you to remember who we really are and why we are here on Mother Earth. I I am Infinitely grateful to Tatyana Mikushina for inspiration by her example, and such devotion to Divinity no matter what. , , for such a Gift from Heavens to all of us. With deep gratitude to the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara for his love and faith in us Humanity, for compassion , for his teaching, guidance and support on the path of each of us individually and collectively, on the path of self - realization . service , expansion ,. Ascension.
You should definitely have this book!


Thank You for revealing the Divine Truth. God Bless You