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Reviewed on 07/09/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers' Favorite

While kittens Nate and Kate enjoy running, jumping and just being their playful kitten selves, Squeaky encounters many obstacles of being the smallest kitten in the family. Squeaky cannot drink from his water bowl, play ball with Nate and Kate, or join in on jumping fun. He is just too small. Mama Cat assures him that his size is just the right size for him. She points out that although there are many things he cannot do, there are as many things that he CAN do. His small size allows him to rescue a marble from a narrow pipe, soothe a frightened baby turtle because they are the same size, and even locate the thorn in his friend Bobby’s paw. Ultimately, Squeaky learns the value of his small size. By the conclusion of the story, “Squeaky is happy now. Squeaky found that he can do wonderful things with his very special, very small size.”

A wonderful lesson in diversity and the tolerance of those different from ourselves. Squeaky, written by Ashley Tetzlaff and Illustrated by Daniel Aiers, is a lovely tale of one kitten’s journey into self-awareness. The illustrations are engaging and perfectly in tune with Tetzlaff’s narrative. The addition of discussion questions and a quick content quiz provides a full lesson plan for pre-school children, as well as being a possible addition to any home school curriculum. Tetzlaff concludes her story with this very important lesson: “Remember: YOU are the only person exactly like YOU in the world. YOU are special. The world needs the gifts YOU bring!”